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Now people not only pay attention to the beauty and practicality of decorative materials, but also pay more and more attention to the health and environmental protection of materials. Among them, "paint" is one of the focuses of attention. In general, the parts that need to be painted during home decoration include walls, ceilings, doors and windows, furniture, etc

there are many tricky phenomena in the decoration process, which many people will reflect. As an owner, when decorating his own house, he must master some professional knowledge, otherwise he is particularly easy to pay for the confused decoration, which will affect the texture and taste of home decoration. In order to help you remove your doubts, I'll introduce how to do a good job of paint acceptance here. I believe you will have a deeper understanding of paint

precautions for paint coating construction

1. Paint construction must be carried out within the indoor temperature required by the product

2. The second process can be carried out only after each process is completely dry

3. Paint with the same substrate should not be mixed with different types of paint to avoid adverse reactions

4. Safety measures, such as masks, shall be taken during construction

5. Try not to brush paint in wet weather

6. Keep indoor ventilation to prevent poisoning

7. Wear gel gloves when using paint with certain corrosivity such as Tianna water

8. Do not smoke or use open flames at the construction site to prevent fire or explosion

9. Avoid forced construction in high tide, humidity or high cold

10. If there is a gap in the ceiling or wooden partition that needs to be covered up, it can be treated with atomic ash, and then pasted with high-quality crack proof tape; Cracks on the wall can be scratched, filled with gypsum for treatment, and then pasted with high-quality crack proof tape. Then paint the surface course

how to do the acceptance of paint and coating

whether the effect of wall painting is meticulous and flat, does not fall off, and does not mildew depends on the quality of paint and construction technology, especially the treatment technology of wall base. Therefore, the acceptance of wall paint starts from the base course, and it should be accepted once before painting, and then again after painting

1. Acceptance of wall base course: base course treatment is the key link to ensure the construction quality, of which ensuring that the wall is completely dry is the most basic condition, because the mortar paste made of cement as bonding material is strongly alkaline before hardening, and the emulsion paint must be anti alkaline at this time. After the cement mortar hardens, the alkaline value decreases significantly, and then the emulsion paint can be applied. The drying time varies with climatic conditions, and should generally be kept for more than 10 days. The wall must be flat, and the putty should be applied at least twice. If it still fails to meet the standard, it should be scraped to meet the standard requirements

2. Acceptance of wall paint film: the type and color of materials used for emulsion paint brushing shall be consistent, and no quality defects such as penetrating the ground, missing brushing, peeling, peeling, biting and so on are allowed. When using the spray gun for spraying, the spray point shall be dense and uniform, and there shall be no skin connection, no sagging, and the paint film shall be smooth and free of powder by hand touch, so as to keep the doors and windows, lamps, furniture, etc. clean and free of paint traces

conclusion: This is the introduction of the relevant knowledge about paint acceptance. I hope the above introduction can bring you some help. Please pay attention to more information





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