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Some friends may feel strange when hearing the color steel plate movable house for the first time. The color steel plate movable house is mainly used on the construction site. It mainly uses the color steel composite sandwich board as the enclosure material, carries on the spatial combination with the standard modulus series, the components adopt the bolt connection, the composite wall board adopts the drill tail nail, and the new concept of environmental protection and economic movable house

color steel plate movable house is a kind of light steel frame, Color steel (color metal profiled plate: color profiled tile is a profiled plate made of color coated steel plate, which is rolled and cold bent into various wave shapes. Color steel movable room is suitable for the roof, wall and interior and exterior wall decoration of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structure houses, etc. it has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rain prevention, long service life, maintenance free, etc., and has been widely promoted Widely used. The following editor will introduce the advantages of the color steel plate movable room and the fire prevention measures of the color steel plate movable room

advantages of color steel plate movable house

1. The building structure is very simple, the construction cost is relatively low, and it has obvious advantages over other buildings in price, and the appearance is also relatively good-looking. It is a very economical and applicable temporary building

2. Although the manufacturing process of the color steel plate movable room is not very complex, it is still a very practical building. It has strong wind resistance, so there is no need to worry too much about the accident of being blown down by strong wind in the application process

3. Moreover, it has strong abilities in heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation and moisture resistance. Therefore, the color steel plate movable house can be used not only as a temporary building, but also as a temporary residence, which is also a relatively quiet and comfortable residence

4. The color steel plate movable room is easy to operate in all aspects, and the time required for disassembly and assembly of the movable room will not be too long. It is very suitable for urgent use

5. Moreover, this kind of building itself is not very heavy, and it does not need much energy and financial resources when moving, which is very convenient

fire prevention measures for color steel plate movable room

1. Color steel plate movable room must be equipped with carbon dioxide, dry powder and other extinguishing equipment as required, and each building must be equipped with no less than 4 groups

2. Color steel plate movable room area is equipped with high-level water tank, which can be used as domestic water and fire water to meet the requirements of self rescue

3. During work, power off measures shall be taken in the color steel plate movable room area to avoid fire caused by long-term overheating of some electrical appliances

4. Irregularly check whether the colored steel plate movable room area stores inflammable and explosive chemicals such as gasoline, kerosene, gas stoves and gas bottles and other inflammable sundries, whether it uses open flames, gas stoves and other tools to cook, and whether it uses high-power electrical appliances

5. Regularly check whether the lines and electrical appliances in the color steel plate movable room area are in good condition, and whether the leakage protection switch and short circuit and overload protection switch are effective

maintenance of color steel movable room

1. After the installation of color steel movable room, users should not change the structure without authorization, nor remove any bolt components, nor add or reduce partition walls

2. Light steel components should be painted with maintenance paint once every 1-2 years to prolong the service life of products and maintain beauty

3. The color steel room is connected by the whole building with steel structural parts. Users arrange electric lighting equipment. Wires cannot be directly bound to the steel structure. Wire pipes or trunking should be set for isolation and installation to avoid electric shock

4. The light steel structure color steel room all connected by screws is equipped with common power sockets and other facilities. The exposed line source should not be installed or hung on the steel framework of the color steel room. Square plastic conduits or trunking should be designed to be insulated and laid to prevent electric leakage and electric shock

5. After the production and installation of the color steel room, non professionals should not modify the house structure or circuit design at will. They should not remove the screws or steel frame accessories of the house structure, nor dismantle the color steel sandwich panel partition wall or add another partition wall. In case of strong need to increase or reduce the partition wall, they should inform professionals to solve it

6. After leaving the room, be sure to turn off all the power to prevent accidents. When using the gas stove, the color steel room should not be too close to the fire source, and high-power electrical equipment should not be used

7. Under normal circumstances, the framework of the color steel house should be painted once or more between 12-24 months, which can prevent the steel frame from rusting and make the color steel house beautiful

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the advantages of the color steel plate movable room and the fire prevention measures of the color steel plate movable room. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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