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1、 How about the environmental protection performance of liquid wallpaper paint

the raw material of liquid wallpaper paint is taken from the surface of the natural shell biological shell in the deep sea, so it is natural and environmental protection, and meets the green environmental protection standard of modern decoration

second, what are the characteristics of the decorative effect of liquid wallpaper paint

liquid wallpaper paint has brought the monotonous, monochromatic and smooth era of interior wall paint into a new era of natural environmental protection, texture and personalized color. Compared with the application of ordinary flat painting, wallpaper, veneer and ceramic tile mosaic, wall art paint has a more variable tension and deduces endless fashion beauty. Wall art paint shows a unique spatial perspective with its fashionable and extensive, natural and simple, and infinitely variable three-dimensional texture. It is subtle and vivid, which is refreshing

III. is the construction of liquid wallpaper paint easy to operate

the construction of liquid wallpaper paint is very simple and easy to learn. After the paint is colored, the pattern shall be roller painted or printed on the wall with a special mold. Even if you have never constructed, you can decorate your wall in the shortest time, which fully meets the DIY needs of home decoration

IV. what are the advantages of latex paint, wallpaper and liquid wallpaper paint

liquid wallpaper coating avoids the disadvantages of traditional wallpaper, such as easy edge warping, seams, mildew and complex secondary construction; It also fills the defects of wall coating and emulsion paint with single color and no flower pattern. Liquid wallpaper has strong stain resistance and is easy to clean. At the same time, it has good moisture-proof and antibacterial properties, and is not easy to grow insects and age

in a word, liquid wallpaper and wall art paint are romantic and calm, especially tasteful, moderate but not moderate, just like people born in the 1980s, a little handsome, a little bad, a little lovable. It can be widely used in background walls, catwalks, families and entertainment cities





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