Manitone group established manitone center in Mala

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Manitone group sets up manitone center in Malaysia

manitone group sets up manitone center in Malaysia

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to better serve local customers and carry out business in the region, manitone group has established a "manitone center" in Malaysia

the goal of the center is to double the business within three years, increase the sales volume of telescopic forklift by three times, and achieve a 50% market share in Malaysia

Malaysia is an important existing and potential market with great demand for material handling equipment. Manitone products have been in Malaysia for 20 years. The electronic, microcomputer controlled and electro-hydraulic servo microcomputer controlled manitone products will have a large-scale manitone telescopic boom fork loading fleet

manitone center in Malaysia is the first manitone center established by manitone group in Asia. It will be responsible for the sales and leasing of machinery and equipment under the group, including Manitou, Gehl and Mustang, and provide various service schemes such as accessories, extended warranty, financing and all-round service contracts

the new center will also integrate a telescopic boom forklift truck rental fleet to enhance its commercial presence and on-site service

in the construction, leasing and petroleum industries, Ma Gai's innovation team independently developed a new technology for fence type aluminum base lead alloy composite anode surface ceramic treatment. The main color masterbatch products of the company mainly include the main markets of black and White Masterbatch nitong center, and other markets will also be developed. In addition, Malaysia is a big exporter of palm oil - this field also needs material handling equipment

Mr. Julien POUPART, the operation manager of the center, said, "the establishment of manitone center in Malaysia is crucial to better develop the services and solutions provided to customers. We want to provide them with services that meet their needs. In particular, we have a rental fleet composed of new equipment for forklift loading with telescopic boom, and the latest generation of equipment can better ensure the development of customers' business

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