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Management status of food packaging materials in some countries and regions

packaging refers to the containers that contain and protect products. The packaging mentioned herein refers to the packaging materials and containers that directly contact with food

countries all over the world have strict regulations on food packaging materials This paper summarizes the management of food packaging materials in some countries in order to provide reference for the formulation of laws and regulations on food packaging materials in China

1. USA: managed by FOA food safety and nutrition application center

according to section 409 (H) (6) of FFDCA (food, drug and Cosmetics Act), a substance needs to provide FDA with a food contact notice if it is used to contact food. The specific contents of the notice are based on the contents of FDA form 3480, which mainly includes three parts: chemical, toxicological and environmental safety evaluation data

2 EU: managed by European food safety authorities

according to the different management scope, the EU has formulated three types of rules:

(1) general rules for managing all food packaging materials. So far, there are 17 types of food packaging materials

(2) Rules for managing each type of food packaging materials. So far, there are three standards for food packaging materials, namely, ceramics, regenerated cellulose film and plastics

(3) Rules for managing raw materials for the production of food packaging materials. So far, there are three standards, namely, nitrogen vinyl monomer in plastics, nitrosamine in rubber pacifiers and teats, and bisphenol A, bisphenol F diglycidyl ether and phenolic varnish glycerol ether in plastics, surface coatings and adhesives

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3 Canada:

food packaging materials are regulated in accordance with Canadian food and drug regulations, chapter B, Part 23, section 001. The person whose regulations stipulate that food packaging materials are safe is the food seller (producer, distributor, etc.). The applicant may voluntarily send the food packaging materials to the food board of directors for chemical safety evaluation before entering the market; When the type of food packaging materials is within the jurisdiction of the food supervision agency of Canada, the applicant must send the materials to the food supervision agency of Canada for approval before listing

4 Japan: the food hygiene law authorizes the Ministry of health, labor and welfare to formulate specifications (also known as standards) for containers, packaging materials, and raw materials used to produce containers and packaging materials. There are three different types of specifications for food containers and packaging materials, namely:

1) specifications applicable to all containers and packaging materials, mainly metal standards

2) special and then turn on the standards of the power supply materials of the tester host, such as metal cans, glass/porcelain/enamel, and rubber products

3) specific specifications for packaging materials applicable to specific functions, such as specifications for food packaging materials used for pasteurization. In Japan, in addition to the legal norms that must be observed, various business organizations have established many voluntary standards

reprinted from: Proceedings of the second annual academic conference of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association and the second annual conference of the global Chinese Public Health Association under the current situation of weak economic growth and structural adjustment difficulties in China

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