Manufacturing automation of the hottest quartz gla

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Manufacturing automation of quartz glass products


--- in the production process of glass and quartz, manufacturing and equipment are placed in high demand. There is a significant demand for PC based automation in prescription management

project introduction

--- the equipment composed of S7-400, Beckhoff terminal, prodave MPI communication and prescription management database on standard PC will be replaced by Siemens' PC based solution

Siemens' PCBA solution

--- Panel PC 670 and protool/pro are used as visualization and prescription management. Therefore, the silicone tube is used in dacryocystorhinostomy, and a good therapeutic effect is obtained. The basic software PLC WinAC is used as the control of the distributed i/o module (ET200S). All these constitute an innovative automation concept

advantages of Siemens' PCBA solution:

fast communication between PC and PLC

simple operation of large amount of data and prescription management

compared with traditional engineering to adjust the size of experimental space, The operator is very satisfied with the new operation interface. What items are required for steel structure inspection? What tests are required for steel structure

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