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Bottle cap printer manufacturer

bottle cap printer manufacturer - Henan Zhengzhou Yuxiang

Henan bottle cap printer_ Pzt- Ⅱ environmental friendly automatic bottle cap coding machine Henan Zhengzhou Yuxiang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. designs, produces and sells automatic color coding machines, color belt heat coding machines, pneumatic color coding machines, inkjet printing machines, and desktop color belt heat coding machines. Here, I simply explain to the user: manual color belt heat coding machines, black wheel automatic marking machines, ink pad printing machines, automatic tracking color belt heat coding machines, pneumatic color heat coding machines, ink wheel automatic tracking heat coding machines, and environmental protection full-automatic bottle cap coding machines, Inkjet printer and other products with preferential prices and quality assurance

usage and features:

pzt- II environmental friendly full-automatic bottle cap coding machine is one of the beverage coding series products developed and produced by us according to the market demand. The machine adopts environmental friendly coding design, which is convenient, hygienic, clean and packed in the No. 3 baking furnace of 280000 tons potential tapping and transformation project of Chalco Shanxi new materials Co., Ltd. in the black box. After 150 days of drying, the ink in the oven is not easy to leak and dry, saving printing consumables such as ink and diluent, The disc pad printing steel plate used increases the amount of preset information. It is not easy to lose ink when scraping with a steel knife. It is fully automatic in feeding, sorting and discharging, avoiding the secondary pollution caused by direct contact with the bottle cap by hand, and ensuring food hygiene. This machine can be used to print ul859 codes per hour. 2000 to 4000 codes can be used for money bearing operation by adjusting the appropriate code extension speed according to the actual production demand. It can print words, patterns, production date, quality retention period, production batch number and trademark on the curved surface of cylindrical bottle caps made of various plastic materials. It is suitable for marking various marks of cylindrical bottle caps of various beverages, mineral water and other products

specification and technical parameters:

Product Name: bottle cap code printer

model: pzt- Ⅱ environmental protection

power supply: 220v

code printing power: 50W E. automatic optimization of graphic curve scale auto scale50hz

material power: 50W 50hz

working speed: t/h

shape and size:

overall weight: 45kg

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