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Management system for labor protection articles and appliances in chemical plants

in order to strengthen the management of labor protection articles,  This distribution standard and management system are specially formulated to ensure that employees can work safely and healthily

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I. definition

1.1 articles that are normally used by employees in the process of production and labor or that are worn by employees who do not point their eyes at the launch port directly during use to protect their own safety and health are called labor protection articles; Such as: labor protection gloves, protective shoes, etc

1.2 the special protective equipment used is called labor protective equipment; Such as gas masks

II. Management responsibilities

2.1 the safety and Environment Management Committee participates in the formulation and revision of the distribution standards of labor protection articles throughout the company, and supervises and inspects the distribution quantity, quality and use of labor protection articles

2.2 the production department is responsible for preparing the purchase plan of protective articles

2.3 the gasket shall be pretreated according to the sterilization temperature adopted in the actual production. The production department is responsible for the acceptance and storage of labor 5. Fine and special chemical protective articles and tools, and the unqualified articles and tools shall be rejected for warehousing

III. selection and safekeeping

3.1 appropriate protective articles and appliances must be correctly selected and used according to the nature of the operation, conditions (oxygen content in the air, types and concentrations of poisons, etc.), labor intensity and relevant national technical standards

3.2 it is not allowed to borrow protective equipment beyond the protection scope:

(1) it is not allowed to use filter masks instead of isolation masks

(2) it is forbidden to use invalid protective equipment

do not call the experimental machine

(3) it is strictly prohibited to replace the filter gas mask with a dust mask (with an air change valve)

3.3 the personnel using protective equipment must be trained and familiar with the structure, performance, use, maintenance and storage methods

3.4 all kinds of protective equipment shall be stored at fixed points, and the production department shall assign special personnel to keep them and establish a standing book. The protective equipment on the posts of the production department shall be managed by a specially assigned person, who shall be responsible for the integrity of the protective equipment

3.5 it is necessary to establish a registration card system for the use of protective articles and appliances, and formulate distribution standards according to relevant regulations

3.6 regular calibration and maintenance

(1) the production department is responsible for the management of the company's safety protection tools, the establishment of accounts and regular calibration

(2) the department using the workshop shall be responsible for the intactness and maintenance of the labor protection appliances in its area, and regularly inspect and record them

(3) the electrical insulation tools shall be kept by designated personnel, and the voltage withstand test shall be conducted regularly. It is strictly prohibited to use unqualified insulation tools for electrical operation

(4) gas masks shall be cleaned after use, and checked at least once every two months. The gas filter tank shall be weighed and checked, and the mask shall be subject to air tightness test

3.7 labor protection appliances must be used according to the specified purpose, and shall not be used for other purposes or sold

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