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The mandatory national standard for moon cake packaging was implemented in June. The mandatory national standard for moon cake packaging drafted by the China Chamber of Commerce and industry will be officially implemented nationwide from June 1 this year, which is also the first national standard in China to make mandatory requirements for packaging

previously, according to the 2005 project plan of the national standard committee, the China Federation of Commerce put forward practical technical proposals with the goal of building an energy-saving society, the main line of advocating resource reuse, and in combination with the actual situation of domestic moon cake manufacturers and related industries

according to the national standard of moon cake packaging, it is particularly important to maintain it regularly. In the future, the sales packaging volume per kilogram of moon cake should not exceed 900mm × 103mm, and its packaging material must meet environmental protection requirements and food hygiene requirements. In order to publicize and implement this standard, the China Chamber of Commerce will open a column on the station to receive consultation from relevant departments, relevant enterprises and consumers

information source: China business times

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