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Ammonia storage tank management system and preventive measures

liquid ammonia is a kind of colourless gas with comforting odor of organizing Huaibei aluminum processing enterprises to conduct in-depth docking with BYD purchasing department. It is easily soluble in water, flammable, but not spontaneous. Ammonia with a concentration of more than 10% is within the scope of the laws and regulations of Alfred, and is regarded as grade II Alfred. If ammonia leakage occurs, it will have a great impact on human body. Gaseous ammonia severely comforts the cornea, respiratory tract and skin. Ammonia poisoning will cause pulmonary edema (alveolar hydrops) and dyspnea. Only a few minutes later, ammonia will have a toxic effect on brain tissue, followed by decreased activity and spasm. After the spasm is relieved, the hearing will drop. When the eye is partially injured, it can cause keratitis and form blindness. Inhaling ammonia vapor will cause pain and sadness in the throat, tingling in the nasal cavity, intermittent cough blockage, dizziness, chest pain, headache, nausea and general discomfort. In large amount of ammonia inhalation will form pulmonary edema, excessive will form death. Some of the symptoms of the skin are redness and blistering. Inhaling ammonia solution in the mouth will cause pain and sadness in the mouth and esophagus, cough, hematemesis and blood in the stool

liquid ammonia is a kind of violent ammonia. Once leakage occurs, the result will be unimaginable. If it is light, it will cause personal risk and chemical corrosion to the plant equipment. In serious cases, staff casualties and production parking accidents may occur. Therefore, the safe handling of liquid ammonia storage tanks is directly related to the safe, sustainable, stable, excellent and efficient operation of clean gas

safe handling of liquid ammonia storage tanks and accident prevention measures:

1. Safe handling of liquid ammonia storage tanks

liquid ammonia storage tanks belong to class III pressure vessels. The gasification plant adopts a series of three-level management methods for the management of liquid ammonia storage tanks: General plant level competent department (Agile Department) - branch plant level management - workshop level management. Carry out graded responsibility and implement the guarantee system at all levels. Some professional departments carry out regular inspection on the liquid ammonia storage tanks receiving and refrigerating fragmentary ammonia in the whole plant, and list the large capacity liquid ammonia storage tanks as the safe handling of serious risk sources, as the key task of the factory's safe supervision. The liquid ammonia storage capacity of the liquid ammonia storage tank generally has a space of 10%-20%. If it is allowed to effectively ensure the safe use of the liquid ammonia storage tank. For more than ten years, the gasification plant has always listed the safety of liquid ammonia storage tanks as a major event in production. Especially in the high temperature in summer, effective cooling measures are taken, and a water curtain spray system is set on the storage tanks, thus ensuring the safe use of liquid ammonia storage tanks. Every year, the professional department carries out Enron technology inspection and Enron evaluation on the liquid ammonia storage tanks in the fragmentary system, so that the utilization of liquid ammonia storage tanks has been under control

2. Enron valve of liquid ammonia storage tank

Enron valve is the primary accessory of liquid ammonia storage tank. The two Enron valves installed on each liquid ammonia storage tank are to ensure that the liquid ammonia storage tank can be sheltered under overpressure. The design pressure of liquid ammonia storage tank is 2.5MPa, the opening pressure of Enron valve is 2.0 MPa, and the maximum task pressure of liquid ammonia fragmentation is 1.65 MPa. Considering that the liquid ammonia will not be dispersed into the space after the Enron valve is opened, the pressure relief port of Enron valve and the ammonia gas will be disorderly handled (with ammonia tank receiving and receiving assembly) and the Enron valve in use will be archived, and the utilization environment of each Enron valve will be monitored and implemented to each operator; The Enron valve is often protected and maintained, so that it can not be used beyond the time limit, corroded and controlled. If it is promised, the Enron valve will play an important role

3. Pressure gauge of liquid ammonia storage tank

pressure gauge is one of the primary safety accessories of liquid ammonia storage tank. Because of the special chemical properties of liquid ammonia, the selection of pressure gauge is very important. Bimetal pressure gauge with corrosion resistance and care level shall be selected according to the actual environment. The calibration of pressure gauge shall be stopped every 3 months to ensure that the pressure gauge is flexible and reliable. In order to ensure the safety of changing the pressure gauge, a stop valve must be installed under the pressure gauge to track and record the data displayed on the pressure gauge of the liquid ammonia storage tank every hour during production, so as to better grasp the pressure change environment of the liquid ammonia storage tank

4. The liquid level gauge of the liquid ammonia storage tank

the storage capacity of the liquid ammonia storage tank needs to be displayed by the liquid level gauge. The gasification plant adopts the magnetic flap liquid level gauge and the pontoon liquid level gauge to display the change of the liquid level, so as to ensure the accuracy of the liquid level. The principle of flip plate liquid level gauge is that the float floats on the liquid level in the connecting pipe and rises and falls with the rise and fall of the liquid level. The magnet placed in the float informs the flag signal to the flip plate indicator installed on the outer wall of the connecting pipe, so that the flip plate will turn over with the change of the liquid level. The liquid level below the liquid level is white and above the liquid level is white. The characteristics of this type of liquid level gauge are flexible, accurate and not affected by the temperature. The following problems often occur in the use of the magnetic flap type liquid level gauge: first, the welding quality of the float cylinder is poor, there are penetrating pores or slag inclusions, and the stored medium enters the float cylinder, which makes the liquid level gauge malfunction; Second, the outer wall of the pontoon adsorbs impurities in liquid ammonia, which makes it difficult for the pontoon to move up and down in the pipe, resulting in liquid level gauge failure. The above phenomenon can be eliminated as long as it is replaced, especially in the aerospace industry or cleaning gauze. According to the characteristics of the above liquid level gauge, the protection and maintenance should be stopped frequently, and it is best to check once a year according to the experience, so as to find the results and stop handling. As for the float level gauge, the float is changed with the bump of the liquid level, and then it is changed into the ma current signal and sent to the main control room, which can timely and accurately reflect the bump of the liquid level, which is convenient for operation and protection. 2 Replace the fuse target with the same capacity, and take effective safety isolation equipment to ensure the safety of the system

5. Accident prevention and Countermeasures for liquid ammonia storage tanks

based on the special risk of liquid ammonia storage tanks, there should be emergency prevention and handling plans in production, and at least one emergency handling drill should be stopped every year, so as to strengthen the emergency ability of the emergency handling team. From time to time, all the things used for emergency handling should be prepared, installed in the public accident cabinet, and kept by a specially assigned person. They should be protected, maintained and checked frequently, Keep it in excellent condition

to sum up, the Enron management of liquid ammonia storage tanks involves many aspects, and all relevant parts should pay high attention to its risks. As long as the Enron management of liquid ammonia storage tanks is stopped comprehensively and piecemeal, the process, equipment, instruments and other links associated with it are not spared, and the liquid ammonia storage tanks are handled as a serious risk source, so that the place is under control, the occurrence of accidents can be effectively prevented

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