Manitowak creates a new level of crane operation c

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Manitowak creates a new level of crane operation convenience

manitowak creates a new level of crane operation convenience

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Guide: in bauma2010 (2010 International Expo of construction machinery, building materials machinery, construction vehicles and equipment), manitowak will show grove gmk6300l, which has the largest lifting capacity among cranes of the same level, This type of crane is also equipped with an extra long 80m boom. The design of this new crane

in bauma2010 (2010 international construction machinery, building materials machinery, engineering vehicles and Equipment Expo), manitowak will show grove gmk6300l, which has the largest lifting capacity among cranes of the same level, and this model of crane is also equipped with an extra long 80m boom

the design of this new crane provides unheard of ease of operation, making the crane suitable for a variety of applications, including the installation of tower cranes, lifting auxiliary equipment (air conditioners, elevator equipment, etc.), as well as chimney lifting and general lifting operations

Michael preikschas, senior regional product manager of all terrain crane Europe, Middle East and Africa, said that this new crane has many undoubted characteristics leading the development trend of high nickel cathode materials for cranes of the same level, which can greatly benefit customers

"gmk6300l is indeed a high-power crane. Compared with other cranes with similar boom length, it has obvious advantages," he said. "Its design feature is that the lifting capacity of the main boom is very large, and there is no need to install auxiliary boom or megawinglift accessories. For example, when the main boom is extended to 74.8 meters, it can lift 14.3 tons of load, and when it is extended to 80 meters, it can lift 12 tons of load."

the excellent lifting capacity makes the 300 ton gmk6300l very suitable for installing tower cranes. For example, the boom of Potain MDT 308 tower crane is 70 meters long, and each standard section weighs 14.3 tons. The maximum height of this tower crane is 65m, and gmk6300l can easily lift the standard section in place with a 74.8m long boom

gmk6300l is also equipped with a fully automatic transmission system and a torque converter, which has unparalleled excellent performance and is unique among cranes of the same level. Allison drive system is a high-power drive solution with reliable performance and high cost efficiency. Its performance has been proved under severe operating conditions, and the electronic control device enables it to adjust according to the surrounding environment, and has automatic diagnosis function. It should be helpful for maintenance according to the cause of its failure. An integrated reducer can enhance the braking capacity of mountain travel, so that operators can feel more at ease when moving huge cranes

allison transmission system and grove megatrak independent suspension system make the crane have excellent road and off-road driving performance of plastic composite flexible packaging adhesive Market Research 1 China packaging industry. The all wheel steering gmk6300l adopts the most advanced wire control technology on the 5th and 6th axles. Control by wire technology reduces the number of relevant parts, makes better use of space and optimizes steering angle, thereby reducing tire wear

other design features include a new undercarriage cab. It is similar to the cab of grove four axle and five axle all terrain cranes, but has been modified to suit the wider underfloor of this six axle crane. The cab can accommodate three operators, and the placement of instruments and control devices is more in line with ergonomic principles. In addition, vision, heating, air conditioning, aerodynamic performance and noise reduction have also been improved

the outrigger has five available setting positions, which is more flexible than other cranes of the same level, and can be used freely even on the narrowest construction site. In addition, there is another feature: the suspension system can be operated from the outrigger control boxes on both sides of the bottom car, which improves the setting performance and speed of the crane. The design of shaft spacing is also very reasonable. The spacing between the first pair of shafts is 3.2m, and the spacing between the second pair of shafts is 2.5m

the maximum counterweight is 92.5t, including two 10t counterweight plates, five 9.5T counterweight plates, two 9t counterweight plates, and a 7T counterweight base plate. The optional auxiliary hoist can be assembled with the counterweight without the assistance of the auxiliary crane, so as to improve the efficiency of implementing the made in China 2025. The upper structure is powered by a Mercedes om 926 La engine, and the lower structure is powered by a Mercedes om 502 La engine. Both engines comply with tier4i and Euromot IIIB regulations. Om 502 La is an eight cylinder engine with a power of 405kw; The om926la is a six cylinder engine with a power of 210 kW

the crane is equipped with an 80m long seven section twin lock boom, which has a wide extension range. Moreover, the boom structure adopts the patented megaform design, with the best rigidity and lifting capacity. To further expand the extension range, a 37m jib can be installed (the jib length was announced to be 29m when the crane was launched in January this year, and now it has been increased by 8m). The maximum usable length is 117 meters. Even at this height, it can still lift 2 tons surprisingly. In addition, a heavy load jib with a lifting capacity of 38 tons can be installed, so that the crane has excellent lifting capacity at heavy load and high operation points

gmk6300l crane is sold in the United States as gmk6350l, because its maximum rated lifting capacity is 350 US tons. The crane is installed with Grove's famous eCos control system and equipped with eks5 full graphic display for monitoring hoisting operations. All new gmk6300l cranes will be equipped with a crane Star remote monitoring system using manitowac remote statistical data technology

about manitowak company

manitowak company is a cross industry and diversified capital goods manufacturing company, with more than 100 manufacturing plants and service centers in 27 countries. It is recognized as one of the world's largest lifting equipment suppliers, supplying a variety of products to the global construction industry, including truss jib cranes, tower cranes, mobile telescopic jib cranes and truck mounted cranes. Manitowak is also one of the major innovators and manufacturers of commercial food service equipment in the world, providing a variety of ice making, beverage, freezing, food preparation and cooking equipment to meet the application needs of hotels, convenience stores, hotels, medical institutions and organizations

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