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Manufacturing and application of plastic packaging material pen (Part 2)

pen application in the packaging industry

pen first appeared in the market as film products, but at present, bottle packaging containers have become the main application market of pen


at present, Teijin company, ICI company, shell chemical company, etc. officially sell pen films. Teijin company is a pioneer in the production of biaxially oriented pen films in the world. As early as 1989, it successfully developed high-function pen films and built a 4000 T/a film production line in 1993. In addition, Toray, Du Pont and other world film production giants have also successively entered the pen film production market. Pen can be manufactured with the same equipment as pet. The technological process and impact energy value can not directly explain the toughness of the material. Like the production of PET film, pen film (bopen) is prepared through melting extrusion biaxial stretching 3: the limit gear of the experimental machine is very important. Bopen has excellent heat resistance, gas barrier, hydrolytic resistance, dimensional stability and other characteristics, and is easy to be prepared with a thickness of 0.8 μ M can be used to produce packaging materials for different purposes, which occupy a large application market in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, additional packaging of perfume bags and impact resistance packaging of precision instruments

pen packaging containers

at present, bottle packaging containers have become the main market of pen. Due to the excellent characteristics of pen, the performance of pen bottle blown with pen is better than that of PET bottle. Pen bottles are transparent, and the hot filling temperature can reach about 100 ℃. They have good barrier to ultraviolet, oxygen and carbon dioxide, and are resistant to chemicals. They are used in the packaging of beverages, beer, cosmetics and baby food. They have great practicality and market. Pen bottles can be processed by various blow molding methods of pet, but the most commonly used method is stretch blow molding

domestic current situation and development prospect

functional polyester pen based on naphthalene has become a hot spot for many large foreign companies to develop due to its excellent characteristics. Its annual production has reached more than 100000 tons, and has been widely used in product packaging, construction, electronics, electrical appliances, aerospace, textile and other fields. In contrast, the development and research of pen in China is in its infancy. A lot of work needs to be done from the synthesis of monomer 2.6-ndc, the characterization and application of pen performance. Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Anshan Iron and Steel Institute, Guilin Electric Power Research Institute and Beijing Research Institute of chemical industry have done some research work and made some progress. With the rapid development of packaging industry, electronic communication industry and other industries, the demand for pen will increase significantly, and China will also become a major consumer of pen. With regard to beer packaging alone, at present, the total annual consumption of beer in mainland China ranks second in the world. 35billion beer bottles (including recycled bottles) and 7billion cans are used in beer packaging every year. If 10% of glass bottled beer is replaced by plastic bottle packaging, the demand will reach 4billion. The market is very huge. Therefore, it is very urgent to develop China's own pen industry. Structure: Taiwan's AC variable frequency Electromechanical, ordinary screw rod and domestic related enterprises and research units should increase human and financial investment to speed up the development and industrialization of pen technology and meet the arrival of pen consumption boom

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