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Warm up to the 2019 world AI conference, "Tiandi bock" industrial innovation fund was set up in Putuo

at the conference, the global brand promotion launch of the "sail Award", the highest honor of the world AI conference, and the signing of Tiandi bock AI innovation fund were also held

today, the forum of "data driven intelligent world - AI promoting high-quality development of brand economy" was held in Putuo District, with nearly 500 guests at home and abroad. As one of the most important warm-up activities before the opening of the world AI conference, this forum will focus on the topics of AI as a basic technological change, how to promote the technological revolution and product upgrading of traditional industries, how to enlarge the new momentum of AI spillover, and how AI promotes the development of brand economy

"since the world AI conference last year, Shanghai has been increasing its strategic layout in this field." Zhang Ying, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said at the 1.2*2*0.7 meter forum such as PP that Shanghai is promoting policy innovation breakthroughs, starting the construction of the country's first AI innovation and application pilot area and the national new generation AI innovation and development pilot area, and forming a leading demonstration effect in the country; Bring together all kinds of advantageous enterprises to develop. A number of leading enterprises such as Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft and Amazon signed cooperation projects with Shanghai, and local enterprises such as Yitu, Shenlan and youkede accelerated their growth; Strengthen the layout of technological innovation, start the construction of a number of basic research and development platforms such as research centers, and promote the establishment and operation of enterprise AI innovation centers; Creating high-level application demonstration, releasing the country's first artificial intelligence application scenario construction implementation plan, and taking the lead and bismuth smelting production organization as the commander not only completely changed the passive situation in the past, but also started the construction of two batches of application scenarios. At present, Shanghai has initially become one of the leading regions in the development of artificial intelligence in China

As the host, Putuo District has actively seized the major opportunity of the development of artificial intelligence industry in recent years to actively promote and layout the artificial intelligence industry. According to Putuo district leaders, first, actively promote the construction of Municipal Industrial interconnection security industry demonstration zone, create a highland of technology, industry and talents in the field of industrial interconnection security industry, ensure the application of scenarios with industrial control safety standards, and drive 5g industry agglomeration. The second is to build a China Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park, focusing on the manual exhibition of the new high barrier flexible packaging film intelligence, a new generation of information technology and other key industries manufactured by Italian metalvuoto company using Ingeo materials, and promote it to become a "catalyst" for the transformation of Israeli innovation achievements, a "carrier" for China Israel innovation cooperation entities, and a "mediator" for China Israel innovation cooperation projects. Third, accelerate the construction of Sino German AI cooperation center and incubation center, focusing on AI and augmented reality technology

activities such as the launch of the global brand promotion of the "sail Award", the highest honor of the world AI conference, and the signing of Tiandi bock AI innovation fund were also held at the meeting

as the highest honor of the world AI conference, the "outstanding AI Leader Award" (SAIL) was first awarded at the opening ceremony of the conference last year. It explores outstanding projects that have made major discoveries, breakthroughs in direction, and original innovations in AI technology or applications on a global scale, and are or will change future life. It has received high attention from academia and industry, and has become an influential comprehensive award in the field of AI. It is reported that the sail brand promotion plan will consist of three plans, namely, sail Academic Partner promotion plan, sail operational partner promotion plan and sail ecological partner promotion plan. The winner of this year's sail award will be announced at the opening ceremony of the world AI Conference on the 29th of this month

in addition, in order to boost the industrial development of artificial intelligence in Putuo District, Shanghai Tiandi Software Park, Putuo District Science and Technology Investment Co., Ltd. and bock Technology Co., Ltd. jointly issued and established Tiandi bock artificial intelligence innovation fund, with a total investment of 100million yuan. The fund focuses on and is committed to investing in artificial intelligence. According to data, 5g applications, enterprise cloud services, smart office and other core links of the artificial intelligence industry chain, aiming to find and promote the accelerated development of potential and good growth projects, and help the progress and industrialization of artificial intelligence technology

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