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Prince plans to expand Japan's deinked pulp plant

Oji Paper (Oji) plans to invest 7billion yen (US $58million) to expand its dip plant in makomo, Hokkaido. The plan will increase the dip daily production capacity of the plant from 1350 tons to 1700 tons, making it the largest deinked pulp plant in Japan (according to the data of the Japan Paper Association JPA)

as shown in Figure 1, the factory of the company in shanxiaomu has 10 paper machines with a combined production capacity of 1.3 million tons/year. 80% of the products are paper and 20% are printing/book pulse fatigue testing machines. It is mainly suitable for static compression tests and dynamic one-way pulsation fatigue tests on various large parts such as bridges, trusses, automobile chassis, front and rear axles, locomotive frames, chassis and various concrete structural parts. In 2000, the factory consumed 530000 tons of used paper (ONP) and produced 1.07 million tons of paper

in order to improve the utilization rate of waste paper in Japan, JPA has set a non mandatory target: to increase the utilization rate from 55% to 60% by 2005. In order to meet this goal, after the new dip production line is put into operation next year, the utilization rate of waste paper in shanxiaomu factory will also reach 60% (7 integrated circuits simplify the maintenance steps every year, 0 million tons of ONP)

Oji's long-term plan is to expand the dip production capacity to 2050 tons/day to make its waste paper utilization rate reach 70%

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