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What are the characteristics of supply chain management in small and medium-sized enterprises? If we start from the purpose of the redevelopment of small and medium-sized enterprises, we can conclude that it is not ERP, SCM, or CRM, these partial concepts. Informatization is a way out to solve the actual development problems of enterprises. In order to win local competitive advantages, our small and medium-sized enterprises must make great efforts to realize enterprise informatization in order to seek a way of survival

according to the definition of the national development and Reform Commission, small and medium-sized enterprises refer to enterprises with annual sales of 400000 to 300million yuan. If divided by the number of employees, companies with less than 100 employees are small enterprises, and companies with 100 to 3000 employees are medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises often operate their businesses in a specific industry where other teams also hope to replace the anode and cathode of lithium-ion batteries with graphene. For example, in the automotive manufacturing industry, the vehicle manufacturers of automobiles are large enterprises, while the parts suppliers are usually small and medium-sized enterprises

the increasingly severe competitive pressure makes small and medium-sized enterprises need to constantly adjust their business strategies according to the needs and changes of the market in the process of development. For enterprises seeking differentiated management, how to reflect outstanding advantages in business mode and management level has become the main challenge for enterprise development. For enterprises seeking low-cost operation, how to optimize the purchase, production, sales and other business processes to reduce the operating cost ratio has become the key to the development of enterprises. The informatization construction of enterprises is widely regarded as one of the powerful means to help enterprises improve their competitiveness. Through effective planning and design, information system can help enterprises achieve differentiated operation and cost control more effectively

according to the survey data of China's small and medium-sized enterprises (enterprises with 100~1000 employees) by international research companies, the SCM informatization construction of China's small and medium-sized enterprises has the following characteristics

limited investment scale

in 2003, the average IT investment of the surveyed enterprises was 300000 yuan. Among them, 47% are invested in hardware and network equipment, and only 16% are invested in software and solutions. Many enterprises do not pay enough attention to the projects that cannot obtain benefits in the short term, and the investment funds are seriously insufficient. SCM management system is relatively complex, which requires a fairly basic internal system of the enterprise, and involves data transmission and process integration. Technical and financial barriers are relatively high, so the proportion of SCM built in China's small and medium-sized enterprises is very small

it planning ability is limited

in the surveyed enterprises, the IT department has only 5.4 employees on average. Most of the employees in these IT departments are pure computer technicians, who lack knowledge of SCM management and planning. The lack of talents and unreasonable structure is one of the main obstacles to information construction

centered on the requirements of large enterprises

small and medium-sized enterprises often serve large enterprises in the industrial chain, or suppliers of raw materials and spare parts, or distribution and distribution service providers of finished products. When building an information system, it needs to be designed according to the requirements of SCM system integration of large enterprises. In order to improve the competitiveness of their SCM supply chain, large enterprises often take the initiative to integrate information systems with major SME partners. For example, Cisco requires its distributors to establish a supply chain and sales management system that meets RosettaNet standards

mainly purchase packaged products

based on the consideration of cost and implementation cycle, 55 so when choosing tension machine, the bigger the better% of small and medium-sized enterprises will have no choice to modify the SCM software packaged and sold; 22% of enterprises will make appropriate adjustments and modifications on the basis of packaged software to meet their own needs. However, there are not many enterprises that carry out independent development, which is a very typical trend

the burden of the old information system of enterprises is small

compared with large enterprises, the burden of the old system of small and medium-sized enterprises is relatively small. For example, only 26% of small and medium-sized enterprises have some degree of application software in their supply chain management system, which is an obvious advantage in system upgrading and the integration of new and old systems

relevant products and services for the small and medium-sized enterprise market

because small and medium-sized enterprises are a huge market, many IT manufacturers that still use high price stock pulp in domestic paper enterprises have successively launched software or solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to help their supply chain management informatization construction. We can divide the products of these manufacturers into system platform software, application software and integration services according to their functions

system platform software

as a typical software platform supplier, IBM and Microsoft have products for small and medium-sized enterprises. IBM express easyJet series solutions are specially designed and priced for small and medium-sized enterprise customers. It consists of new hardware, software, service solutions and financial leasing services. The software products include WebSphere Express Series middleware products, DB2 express and so on, which are designed to meet the specific requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of function, ease of use, ease of management and price. Microsoft small business server is a full-featured network application software to explore the market of small and medium-sized enterprises. Its design purpose is to assist small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 50 personal computers in informatization, so as to open business opportunities, manage and strengthen customer relations, and improve employee productivity and work efficiency with the help of the Internet. On top of the system platform software, independent software providers (ISVs) or solution providers (SPS) can develop application software for specific industries

application software

compared with system platform software, application software often provides some special functions required by enterprise management, such as SCM and ERP. I2 has the largest market share of SCM products, and some traditional ERP manufacturers have also launched SCM modules. For the small and medium-sized enterprise market, many application software suppliers have also launched different products, such as Oracle E-Business Suite special edition, SAP business one, digital China Yifei ERP, Qizheng ERP and so on. These applications are what we call packaged software products, which are designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprise level applications that are "easy to buy", "easy to implement" and "easy to maintain". They do not have to be based on some specific standard system platform software, but often the system platform software will provide the ability to integrate these application software

integrated services

as an enterprise level information system, what users need is no longer a simple software product, but a series of value-added services composed of management consulting, solutions, system implementation, etc. While integrated service providers master advanced management methods and system design, and can effectively help enterprises with system planning and implementation by virtue of and implementation experience. IBM Business Consulting can provide nylon 66 Engineering Polymer service for product molding manufacturers and automobile OEMs, and digital China are such manufacturers that provide integrated services. (end)

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