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Characteristics of composite vapor phase antirust film

composite vapor phase antirust film is a plastic braid with corrosion inhibitor on one side of the antirust base paper and plastic film on the other side. This composite vapor phase antirust film effectively solves the problems of crystallization, powder dropping and moisture absorption of traditional antirust paper, and can be processed into packaging bags, which can be heat sealed, and is very convenient to use. In addition, the anti rust base paper used reduces the influence of light on the packaged goods, and the corrosion inhibitor can play a long-term anti rust effect. It is especially suitable for precision machinery or metal products with special anti rust requirements, especially in anti rust packaging in high temperature, high humidity and ocean transportation

vapor phase antirust film (HPRF)

vapor phase antirust film is made by coupling and mixing VCI (vapor phase inhibitor) and polyolefin. It can slowly emit antirust particles for a long time and form VCI molecular film on the metal surface. This is a film with a thickness of only one or several molecules, which has a strong blocking effect on water and oxygen, can inhibit the occurrence of electrochemical reaction, and make the metal free from corrosion

★ types of vapor phase antirust film

vapor phase antirust film mainly includes two types, namely, multi-metal general-purpose vapor phase antirust film and black metal special vapor phase antirust film

★ advantages

(1) good moisture-proof and rust proof performance

(2) wide range of application. Multi metal general-purpose vapor phase antirust film can be used for antirust packaging of steel, iron, copper, aluminum and their alloys and packaging of large metal products

(3) it can be used at temperatures from -60 ℃ to 90 ℃

(4) no environmental pollution

(5) products of various shapes and specifications can be processed according to different packages

applicable to all kinds of metals

gas phase antirust paint (HPRC)

gas phase antirust paint (HPRC) is a white emulsion antirust paint. It is suitable for modifying traditional packaging materials to make them have the function of vapor phase rust prevention, or when it is not suitable for this time, 1 it is necessary to timely repair the metal surface coated with oil or packaged to form a peelable rust prevention coating. This product can protect many metals from rust

★ type: vapor phase antirust paint (HPRC) is divided into three types, see the table below for details

product code usage

hprc1m is sprayed on the surface of various packaging papers

hprc4 Database: the data is saved to the database 2M and sprayed on the inner surface of various packaging materials such as cartons, wooden cases, fiber fabrics, metal boxes, etc.

hprc3m forms a peelable antirust coating on the metal surface

★ advantages:

(1) the existing packaging materials can be modified to increase the antirust function while maintaining the original function

(2) protect the metal surface that cannot be protected against rust by oiling or other methods, and form a protective film on its surface, which is dense and water-resistant. When the protective film needs to be removed, it can be easily torn off

★ rust proof period: short term (one month, depending on different environments)

★ product specification: aerosol can: 250ml; 500ml。 Barrel: 1kg; 10Kg。

vapor phase antirust paper (HPRP)

vapor phase antirust paper is a kind of paper added with vapor phase antirust inhibitor. Compared with the vapor phase antirust film, the antirust paper takes effect faster and is suitable for the sealing and antirust packaging of metal products with a storage life of less than two years

★ type: there are mainly two types of vapor phase antirust paper, namely, polymetallic general vapor phase antirust paper (hprpm) and ferrous special vapor phase antirust paper (hprpfe), both of which are made of kraft paper

★ advantages: fast onset; The package is convenient, economical and practical

★ product specification: see the figure below for details

type and specification of VCI paper product type width (m) length (m) thickness (g/m2) remarks

polymetallic general VCI paper (hprp1m) kraft paper within 1.0 according to customer requirements 45/65 according to customer requirements customized processing

special VCI paper for ferrous metals (hprp1fe) the same as above according to customer requirements

polymetallic general VCI paper (hprp2m) Paper plastic composite within 1.0 according to customer requirements 45/65

Special vapor phase antirust paper for ferrous metals (hprp2fe) as above as above according to customer requirements

★ antirust in the late stage of moderate stretching: generally within two years

★ usage: according to the appearance size of metal products, cut the vapor phase antirust paper with appropriate size, and then directly package the metal products

★ precautions:

(1) select the appropriate type of vapor phase antirust paper according to the metal material

(2) when using vapor phase antirust paper, it should be packaged in vapor phase antirust paper, so users must not think that the more they buy, the better they can add plastic film as the outer package to prevent moisture and water

(3) the storage of VCI paper should be sealed, packaged and stored in a dry place

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