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Features of pump packaging in cosmetics packaging

cosmetics, especially women's cosmetics, have increasingly refined functions and functions, and the packaging forms are also dazzling. According to Li Shuliang, Secretary General of sterile packaging Committee of China Packaging Association, among all kinds of cosmetics packaging, cosmetics packaged with pumps have good safety protection, which is inferior to other packaging forms

according to Secretary General Li, many pump packaging products in China have become popular since the early 1980s, among which hair mousse is the first cosmetic product to use pump packaging. Since then, personal care products such as fresheners and perfume have also turned to pump packaging

pump packaging has the advantages of accuracy, simplicity, hygiene, avoiding cross infection, preventing product deterioration and quantitative access on demand. It is commonly used in the packaging of high-end cosmetics. In addition, liquid cosmetics, lotion cosmetics, cream cosmetics that are easy to volatilize, penetrate or contain organic solvents, and cosmetics that require directional and quantitative access, such as mousse, hair gel, perfume, freshener and gel water, nail polish, hair dye, perfume, toner and other products also use this packaging

packaging cans are divided into plastic bottles, glass bottles and metal bottles (including wide mouth bottles and narrow mouth bottles) of various shapes and specifications. High grade cosmetics usually use pump type metal bottles, so that its moisture content is less than 0.02%, and won the title of "the 9th consumer satisfaction unit in Jinan"; The inner coating of metal bottles blocks oxygen and ultraviolet light, and has the characteristics of long storage period. Pump packaged cosmetics pay more and more attention to the structural design and accessory design of containers, so that consumers can easily hold, take and quantify in various environments

Secretary General Li said that cosmetics have many names and different functions, but in terms of their external morphology and packaging adaptability, there are the following categories: packaging of solid cosmetics. This kind of cosmetics has relatively few types and simple packaging, mainly including eyebrow pencil, powder, all kinds of lipstick, etc; Packaging of solid granular (powdery) cosmetics. This kind of cosmetics mainly includes granular (powdery) products such as foundation make-up and talcum powder. The commonly used packaging methods mainly include cartons, composite cartons (mostly cylindrical box type), glass bottles (wide mouth, small), metal boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bottles (wide mouth, small), composite film bags, etc

excerpt from: Beijing News

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