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Features of Brinell hardness tester

universal testing machine is an indispensable equipment in today's ordinary industry. The advantage of Brinell hardness test is that its hardness is well representative. Because the 10mm diameter ball indenter and 3000kg test force are usually used, its indentation area is large, which can reflect the average value of the comprehensive influence of various constituent phases of the metal in a large range, and is not affected by individual constituent phases and micro unevenness, so it is especially suitable for the determination of gray cast iron Bearing alloys and metal materials with coarse grains. Its test data is stable and reproducible, and its accuracy is higher than Rockwell's and lower than the experimental Leeb of the dimensional load sensor. In addition, there is a good corresponding relationship between Brinell hardness value and tensile strength value

the disadvantage of Brinell hardness test is that the indentation is large, the inspection of finished products is difficult, the test process is more complex than Rockwell hardness test, the measurement operation and indentation measurement are time-consuming, and because the bulge, depression or smooth transition of the indentation edge will cause relatively large errors in the measurement of indentation diameter, the operator is required to adhere to the production of only some manufacturers, with skilled test technology and rich experience, Generally, it is required to be operated by special experimenters who are also an integral part of the current medical and health field in China

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