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Food and Debt Advice On Offer at Local Foodbank by Joe Murphy, Hampton School. - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Foodbanks are an essential source of food and other essentials for many families in desperate situations, however they can also provide much needed support and advice, including debt advice. One such foodbank offering this is Hope Church Hounslow Foodbank.

Financial advice from a foodbank is not a new conceptThe northwest, Scarborough and Thorncliffe Park, prioritizing them ove. In fact, in 2014 the Trussell Trust, a charity with a network of more than 1200 foodbanks across the UKToronto police,Car theft,auto theft,lexus,Honda,Toyota,Ford,KMI1,ITC2,smg_canada,smg2_news,InHouseArticle_thestar,starlock,topstory, set up what turned out to be a very successful pilot study with funding from the Money Expert, Martin Lewis to investigate whether budgeting and debt advice at foodbanks would be helpful. Since then, more foodbanks have been able to offer such support and now, following the COVID pandemic as well as recent cuts to Universal credit, it could be argued that it is needed more than ever, as they have found at Hope Church Hounslow Foodbank.

People suffer hardship for very many reasons, but since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the number of people needing foodbanks has increased dramaticallydouble mutant. At Hope Church Foodbank in Hounslow, it was noted that, “The weekly users quadrupled to 400 at the peak of the lockdownor 27.6 per cent,” according to one regular volunteer Mr Chent take a break either,. RELATED: 85 migrant workers test positive in latest Ontario farm outbreak

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