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Ruyushui soft decoration boutique will be grandly unveiled. In 2018, the 26th China (Shanghai) International wallpaper fabric curtain and home soft decoration exhibition, Exhibition consultation: 0571-87701111

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Ruyu Deshui soft clothing boutique will be grandly unveiled

the 26th China (Shanghai) International wallpaper, cloth, curtain and home soft decoration exhibition in 2018

booth No.: e2-b17

time: August 10-12

address: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center

(No. 2345, Longyang Road, Shanghai)

exhibition consultation: 0571-87701111

wonderful review of the 2018 Ruyu Deshui exhibition

Beijing international soft clothing exhibition, Ruyu Deshui's popularity burst

Ruyu Deshui's heavy debut at the 2018 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)

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the national chain, personalized needs, centralized customization business model

Ruyu Deshui started in 1996, and its predecessor was a company integrating R & D, production Sales as one, focusing on the customization of fine curtains. Taking the lead in adopting the business model of "national chain, individual needs and centralized customization", creatively introducing the "suit" production process into curtain production, 313 production standards, and adhering to the perfection of details. "Exclusive customization, suit technology, environmental protection quality - really good curtains" has become a synonym for curtains like a fish in water

Ruyu Deshui has hundreds of chain stores across the country. It has been upgraded from a leading brand in the curtain industry to an overall soft decoration marketing model, focusing on the sales of curtain products, wall cloth, wall background, and supporting characteristic furniture, lighting, jewelry, etc. It has a strong soft front and back office team, a mature product supply chain and an operation system of service terminals

core advantage 1: superior products, new express

● "quality" suit technology, really good curtains... 23 years of focus on fine curtain customization, 313 production standards, and dedication to the perfection of details. The side is 4cm from top to bottom, with an error of 2mm, 12 stitches per inch, straight and smooth, and the stitching inside is integrated with a lock bag, which is consistent with the production standard of the suit. Every set of products has environmental protection certificates. At present, no one in the industry can have such strict standards. What really benefits is consumers...

● "finished products, speed matching, deep customization" is deep in the industry... There are finished curtain sales; There is also a sales mode of speed matching from fabric to style or from style to fabric + automatic quotation, which makes customization simple; There are also in-depth customized sales models, such as various special-shaped windows, water wave curtains, table mats, Roman curtains, and so on. Our strong strength is the speed matching sales model and the deep customization sales model...

● "planning + content + hot money + new fast" new research, production and marketing model... Usually the whole industry is new in spring and autumn. We have been new every month since June this year, and support multiple program push and sales tools for timely delivery, It is 8-10 times more than the whole industry every year...

core advantage 2: good tools, factory cow

● "tools" 3D design system + live photo system + mobile business school system +oms Order Automatic Quotation System + good product witness cabinet, etc., good experience, simple to sell... 3D design, built a large number of special models like a fish in water, brought customers the best scene experience, plus Shanghai quantity live photo system, The real experience and witness of tens of thousands of customers. Automatic order quotation solves the biggest pain point of selling curtains, and solves the problem of people being difficult to recruit and cultivate from the root... The only brand in the industry that dares to make product comparison allows customers to witness the real good curtains in the world...

● "smart factory" takes the lead in introducing intelligent flexible curtain production lines in the industry, with doubled delivery time (now 10-15 days, faster in the later stage), improved quality again, and in order to achieve the total cost leadership, It has laid a foundation for stores to continue to provide good products with high cost performance for a long time... We will open factories in the southeast, northwest and middle according to the density of franchised stores, labor costs and land costs, Provide customers with faster supply and realize greater cost advantages...

core advantage 3: training programs are excellent in marketing

● "excellent training in the industry" business school's training system of "hand-in-hand teaching, war instead of practice": shopping guide elite class, mobile business school, micro classroom, trial business resident project, performance multiplication project... 18 day closed basic training of rudeshui Business School: home decoration style, soft decoration knowledge Order scripts, fabric knowledge, practical exercises, and four major system training, from sales Xiaobai to soft clothing designers! The online micro class of mobile business school shares the practical experience with each franchised store. Resident projects and performance doubling projects are listed...

● "strong sales team in the industry" monthly national linkage, multi store PK, training, study tours, hierarchical store management and other service systems enable terminal stores...

performance cases of the fish in water project (click the jump link):

1 Xiaogan store opening activities are hot! In 15 days, there were 102 transactions, cash collection of 1.07 million and sales of 1.78 million yuan

2. Chaoyang new store project, 12 days, 105 transactions, cash 372000 yuan

3. Suizhong store has been open for 14 days, and its performance has exceeded 44 orders! Decryption: why is the return on investment so high

4. Xining new store opened for a week, won 680000 large orders +n small orders, and received more than 1.1 million cash

5. Yinchuan specialty store's four three project, 13 days, 95 deals, 500000 cash

6. Guanghan new store was put into trial operation, with 82 transactions and a cash collection of 281000 yuan. The new store project achieved another success

7.12 days, 110 orders, 2.1 million ↗ Luzhou franchise store of soft decoration project is a complete success

8.10 days, the cash received exceeded 1million, and Rugao store's four three project broke the record again

9. [good news] ruyudeshui's four three project went down to three cities, and the number of transaction orders broke 100 in 12 days

10. The elite team of the project went out again. The Yinchuan store sold 80 orders in 20 days, received 720000 cash, and the expected sales volume was as high as 1.65 million

11. There are big orders every day, and the four three projects of Ningbo store broke the record, with a sales volume of 1.6 million in 14 days

chenhaijian, CEO of Ruyu Deshui:

at present, we take the curtain as the starting point to enter the overall soft decoration. First, we integrate the curtain, wall cloth and wall background deeply, and then support the characteristic furniture, lighting, furnishings, etc., pay close attention to the needs of customers, and sell the fashionable, comfortable, tasteful and cost-effective soft decoration package simply. Through informatization, intelligence, online, supply chain and operation empowerment, the efficiency of offline physical stores is greatly improved and their performance is doubled

in 2020, we will expand more than 1000 offline stores, effectively channel and sell online, and realize Omni channel marketing. We will move from one victory to another. We will be proud of this

Ruyu Deshui boutique investment promotion team

Investment Promotion Department I

responsible provinces: Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Tibet, Guizhou, Chongqing, Yunnan

MA Caifu director: 158-5824-1135

Investment Promotion Department II

responsible provinces: Beijing, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi

Wang Liang director: 186-0581-2556

Investment Promotion Department III

responsible provinces: Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangsu.Zhejiang, Shanghai Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan

director Zhou Meng: 182-5812-3108

investment promotion department 4

responsible provinces: Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang

director Gong Xiangzhao: 186-6814-3970

national investment promotion and franchise Tel.: 0571-87701111




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