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Yuzhilin door industry relief art wooden board technology has won the national utility model patent

yuzhilin door industry strives for excellence, forge ahead, and is committed to the cutting-edge of production technology and product design. After ten years of unremitting efforts, it has developed the world's unique "relief art wooden board manufacturing technology". In October, 2011, the State Intellectual Property Office of the people's Republic of China officially granted the "utility model patent" to yuzhilin company for this technology. Patent No. 201120185841.6

this is a milestone for China's wood door manufacturing technology to lead the world. With its original and novel design concept, yuzhilin door industry has also obtained eight design patents for wood door products granted by the State Intellectual Property Office of the people's Republic of China

the relief art wooden board first created by yuzhilin door industry adopts imported high-quality precious wood materials on the surface. The relief pattern has a strong three-dimensional sense, smooth and delicate lines, and is elegant and exquisite, which perfectly reflects the traditional Chinese carving technology and the ever-growing Mediterranean style in Europe. The wooden door made by yuzhilin door industry, which is the first craft technology, has overcome many shortcomings of traditional wooden doors and craft doors. It is impact resistant, not easy to deform, never crack, not foaming, not subject to moisture expansion, and not separated from the layer

in addition, the relief art door of yuzhilin door industry also has the characteristics of environmental protection, practicality, moisture-proof, insect proof, flame retardant, fast installation, etc., which makes the cost performance of yuzhilin wooden door far higher than other wooden door products, and it is the best choice for home decoration

for the design patent number of multiple products of yuzhilin door industry, please visit www.yuzhilin Com view

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