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Oukaisha solid wood bathroom cabinet manufacturer's love to the countryside activity was played back on Thanksgiving Day

yesterday, November 27 was the annual Thanksgiving Day, and everyone sent Thanksgiving wishes to relatives and friends on this day. you share rose get fun! Okesha solid wood bathroom cabinet manufacturer will organize a love trip to the countryside every year to send necessities to the people in poor disaster areas. Ou Kaisha sanitary ware Xu and Qiu Zong started from scratch and knew that life was not easy. They were willing to send warmth to people in need! In a cold winter, all employees of okesha solid wood bathroom cabinet factory participated in this love trip to the countryside. They brought rice, quilts, blankets, washing powder and other daily necessities early in the morning. Braving the biting cold wind, the employees sent them door to door. Some are single parent families, some are left behind children, and some are lonely old people. When they see the sudden gift, they are moved and speechless. I didn't expect that there was no blood relationship, and it was not that government personnel should care about them so much. All the children in the mountain village are very interested in learning. The walls are covered with certificates of merit, but they have to worry about having no money to pay their tuition. The employees of okesha solid wood bathroom cabinet factory were moved by their studious spirit, and all of them extended a helping hand. Although we don't have much ability to solve all the poverty problems, we can still do our bit for a small number of people. For the elderly, we are even more heartbroken. Some people haven't gone back to see their parents for several years in order to make money. The old man was allowed to take a few children with him, and the old man who was unable to move had no financial source, so he lived in a very tight life. The employees of okesha solid wood bathroom cabinet factory hope that they can provide a little help for the elderly's clothing, food, housing and transportation, and reduce her burden. President Xu and President Qiu of okesha solid wood bathroom cabinet also came to the site of the love to the countryside activity. They not only organized the activity, but also personally participated in the activity. For the enterprise boss, this is very rare. During the event, Xu and Qiu also visited the local village committee and expressed their condolences. The government should take care of so many poor people. As one of the top ten brands of European bathroom cabinets, okesha bathroom will also assume its social responsibility and help more people out of poverty

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