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The annual event of the overall wardrobe industry - Guangzhou Construction Expo 2016 arrived as scheduled in the midsummer. From July 8 to 11, in Pazhou Exhibition Hall of Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, more than 2600 brands competed on the same stage to jointly display their latest products, models, technologies and brand strength. This is a centralized display of the most powerful brands in the industry. For industry elites who are interested in looking for the brand of the overall wardrobe, it is a great opportunity to survey the strength of each manufacturer and determine the brand at one time

then, under the current situation of serious product homogeneity and uneven brand strength, what criteria should franchisees use to select the overall wardrobe brand with the most franchise potential and the most guaranteed personal investment among many brands

first look at the comprehensive strength of the brand

panorama of Deville factory

strong comprehensive strength of the brand is the most basic guarantee of investment income. This includes hard power such as plant, equipment, product system and the number of exclusive stores, as well as soft power such as enterprise philosophy, operation mode, technology and team. After seeing the manufacturer's products and introductions in the exhibition, franchisees must visit the manufacturer's factory and professional exhibition hall, and have a detailed understanding of the manufacturer from all sides

Second, look at the business model of enterprises

the business competition in the Internet era + era is not only the competition with existing strength and accumulation,

it is the competition of business models that can match the trend. Therefore, franchisees should carefully examine the channel, business, after-sales service and other modes of enterprises, especially the e-commerce o2o mode. E-commerce o2o is the general trend of future development. Only brands that have invested heavily in this area now can have a foothold in the future

third, look at the actual implementation of terminal support

brands generally promise to give franchisees support policies in decoration, sample loading, training, activities, purchase rebates and other aspects, which is the general rule of the industry. However, for investment elites who want to join in with real money, understanding these policies of manufacturers is only one of them, and more importantly, understanding the actual implementation of manufacturer support policies

if you want to join the whole wardrobe, you can find Deville

it is reported that at this Construction Expo, the top ten brands of the whole wardrobe [Deville whole house customization] will not only display the company's newly developed whole house customization service mode and e-commerce c2b+o2o operation mode, but also provide the audience with free VR panoramic on-site experience of products, provide more comprehensive and thoughtful services for consumers, and create more business opportunities for dealers. Only Deville provided VR free experience in the whole exhibition! Deville is also preparing a very preferential joining policy, and expects the industry elites at the county and municipal levels to work together to dig for gold and customize the whole house

exhibition time: July 8-11, 2016

exhibition hall address: Pazhou Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair

exhibition hall address: No. 26, hall 10.2

ticket hotline: 4008-163-222

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