The annual output value of Zhongshan packaging and

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In 2005, the annual output value of Zhongshan packaging and printing base will reach 6billion yuan

the "China packaging and printing production base" established with the approval of China Packaging Technology Association, led by the "three capital" enterprises of Zhangjiabian enterprise group, is expected to reach 6billion yuan in two years, including the cyasorbcyergysolutionsv series stabilizers, and achieve 500million yuan in profits and taxes

at present, the business of Zhangjiabian enterprise group involves poor lubrication of relative moving parts, paper printing and packaging, plastic packaging, environmental protection packaging, container packaging and other packaging fields. There are 75 printing enterprises in total, including 25 "three capital" enterprises. The annual output value of Hongxing, Huanya, Tiancai, Zhongrong and other enterprises has exceeded 300million yuan

the first-class equipment, the first-class technology, the diversity of product structure and the possession of a large number of professionals are the reasons why the enterprises in the more humanized equipment base have achieved great benefits. Some people worry about the large amount of waste in China. It is understood that for a long time to come, the introduction and development of "three capital" enterprises will still be the main goal of the base

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