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The transformation and start-up of Baling's annual output of 200000 tons of caprolactam was successful. At about 4:30 p.m. on April 21, the new 70000 tons/year ammoximation unit of Baling Petrochemical's caprolactam business unit was put through the whole process, and the intermediate product cyclohexanone oxime was successfully produced. The first successful start-up of the new ammoximation unit marks the successful start-up of the whole line of Baling Petrochemical's 200000 ton/year caprolactam potential tapping and transformation project. The company has made a solid step forward in building a million ton caprolactam enterprise

at present, the annual production of caprolactam combined plant after the whole process is completed runs smoothly, with a daily output of about 650 tons of caprolactam, and the rate of high-grade products is stable at more than 91%

the annual output of 200000 tons of caprolactam potential tapping and transformation project is an important sub project of Sinopec Yueyang refining and chemical integration project Baling Petrochemical "five reforms, seven construction and one supporting" characteristic chemical construction, with a total investment of 497million yuan. The 20 twists and turns performance was tested according to gb1042 ⑺ 9 standard, and the construction began on October 18, 2010

the project adopts the second-generation caprolactam green environmental protection new technology of Sinopec, which has the intellectual property right to start independent experiments and occupies the international leading level. The original caprolactam unit with an annual output of 140000 tons is transformed to an annual output of 200000 tons, becoming the largest similar unit in China

the reconstruction and expansion project with an annual output of 200000 tons of caprolactam is mainly to build a new 80000 tons/year cyclohexanone unit, 70000 tons/year cyclohexanone oxime unit and 100000 tons/year hydrogen peroxide unit, and fill in the whole process. After the project is completed and put into operation, the upgrading of production technology will be accelerated. The monthly output of caprolactam is expected to exceed 20000 tons, and the full cost of tons will be reduced

on March 6, 2012, the newly built hydrogen peroxide unit with an annual output of 100000 tons in the chemical fertilizer division of the company was successfully started up at one time and produced qualified products. On April 6, Baling Petrochemical put into commissioning the newly built unit with an annual output of 80000 tons of cyclohexanone in the caprolactam business unit. At 21:00 on April 7, the unit produced qualified crude alcohol and ketone products, and the unit was successfully started at one time

following the successful start-up of the hydrogen peroxide and cyclohexanone units, the caprolactam business unit carefully organized the new installation of ammoximation, namely, the water washing, water combined transportation, logic interlock test, air tightness, nitrogen replacement and other pre start-up work of power, communication (including data transmission cables and optical cables) and other independent devices, and timely rectified them. They set up a start-up headquarters to prepare plans according to the idea of "countdown" and implement them one by one. The oximation workshop makes every effort to open up the whole process and optimize the production operation while ensuring the high load start-up of the other two units

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