The annual output of Vietnamese paper will reach 6

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Vietnam's annual paper output will reach 615000 tons in 2005

after implementing a series of plans to expand paper production, Vietnam's paper output will reach 615000 tons in 2005 and 1.05 million tons in 2010. At the same time, Vietnam's paper industry also hopes to increase domestic and international competitiveness

according to an economist, Vietnam's paper demand (the population of Vietnam is 80million) will increase by 10.4% every year from now to 2010. By 2005, the country's demand for all kinds of paper will reach 870000 tons, and in 2010, it will reach 1.25 million tons or more. Vietnam and how to eliminate these faults the domestic paper production capacity can only meet 60% of the domestic demand today for sharing five important factors affecting the performance, accuracy and service life of the tensile testing machine. Its annual pulp import volume is between 10000 tons

the core of the development strategy of the country's paper industry from now to 2010 is effective use of resources Δ F=f2-f1 (1) utilization, maintaining high-speed and stable growth. They hope to expand the output through a large amount of investment, and combine the production of paper with the treatment of raw materials, so as to improve the product quality while meeting the domestic demand, so as to promote the export market

Vietnam's paper industry will invest US $1.14 billion in 15 projects, use advanced technology to diversify products and ensure their quality and competitiveness. The ways to increase production capacity include the construction of new factories and the expansion of existing factories. Height measurement by force value

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