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On November 13, the annual output of 40000 tons of solid resin unit of Baling resin Department exceeded the design value. The epoxy resin business of Baling Petrochemical and the whole process resolution remained unchanged. In May this year, the new unit of 40000 tons of solid epoxy resin unit was built and put into operation. The feed capacity of key (desolvent) processes reached 7500kg/h, the daily output reached 66 tons, and the production load reached 110% of the design value

this unit is a unit unit of the new 50000 ton/year special epoxy resin project of Baling Petrochemical, which may reduce the trade value of 5.6 billion yuan. Since its completion and operation, the epoxy resin business unit has taken a number of measures to improve the output and quality of the unit. Since August, the resin joint workshop has carried out labor competitions, formulated detailed competition plans, subdivided competition indicators, and respectively failed to destroy the scraped samples. Comprehensive assessment, scoring and ranking have been carried out on aspects such as pre reaction, reaction, refining, desolventizing, packaging, output, etc., and publicized on the display board. All energy consumption indicators have reached or exceeded the design value

the employees of the division actively participate in the defect elimination, patrol inspection, optimized operation and other work of the unit. During the normal production of the unit, the desolvent system filter needs to be cleaned regularly. In the past, the cleaning process was as long as 3 hours. Since the labor competition was held, the workers have further tried to optimize, so that the cleaning time was reduced by half, the efficiency was significantly improved, and the high production of the unit was promoted

at the beginning of the start-up of the unit, the package breaking rate of the product packaging process is high, affecting the product packaging quality. In the labor competition, the resin joint workshop takes improving the packaging quality as an important content, and increases the shift to the printing content of the packaging bag, so that the integrity of the packaging is highly valued by the post workers. Now, the staff will take the initiative to clean the dust remover of the packaging machine every two hours to improve the effect of the vacuum pumping and heat sealing process of the packaging machine. They are also more careful in the transportation process. The packaging breakage rate is close to zero, and the size of the product sample is small to the diameter φ The qualified rate of 0.005mm gold wire factory is 100%

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