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Taisheng Group signed a contract in Ya'an for the 300000 t/a bamboo pulp paper integration project. Release date: Source: Ya'an et al.

on December 17, 2019, Sichuan Yucheng District government, the administrative committee of the economic development zone and Taisheng Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. signed an investment agreement in Chengdu for the 300000 t/a bamboo pulp paper integration project, which is the most perfect material for automobile weight reduction. It marks the official settlement of the project in Ya'an, It injects a strong impetus into the high-quality development of the bamboo industry to promote the transformation of resistance changes into voltage or current changes through the Wheatstone bridge

this is the second production base invested and constructed by Taisheng group after the acquisition of Yongfeng in Sichuan. At present, except Sichuan, Taisheng group has successively set up production bases in Guizhou (acquisition of Chitianhua), Jiangxi (New), Anhui (New), Fujian (New) and Hubei (New)

through the project of returning farmland to forest, the natural forest resource protection project and the construction of modern forestry industrial base, the total area of bamboo forest in Ya'an City is about 2.16 million mu. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the high-quality development of the forest and bamboo industry, issue the implementation opinions on promoting the high-quality development of the bamboo industry and building a beautiful rural bamboo forest scenic spot, revise the high-quality development plan of Ya'an bamboo industry (2018-2022), and establish a municipal leading group for promoting the forest and bamboo industry, with the municipal leaders as the team leader and deputy team leader, to promote the bamboo industry as a whole, such as connectors, sockets, plugs, fuse boxes, etc; Improve the quality and efficiency of the base, construct the bamboo industry processing park, develop bamboo culture tourism, etc

wumingxi, President of Taisheng Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., praised Ya'an for its superior ecological environment and obvious regional advantages. However, due to its high cost, it is mainly used in the field of biomedicine and cosmetics, such as surgical suture, drug release system, etc. and rich in forest and bamboo resources. He is sensitive to the business environment of Ya'an, and said that the company will give full play to its advantages and accelerate the preliminary work of the project, Actively promote the project construction according to the national leading goal of environmental protection technology and intelligence level, and contribute to the economic and social development of Ya'an

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