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The annual operation meeting of Taifu heavy equipment group was successfully held

the annual operation meeting of Taifu heavy equipment group was successfully held

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with the "good start" of 1.97 billion yuan, the annual operation meeting of Taifu heavy equipment group was successfully held in 20 (7) Changde Qingshui lake, HRC (diamond cone indenter) from January 11 to 14, 2017. All senior executives of the group, members of the management committee, heads of departments directly under the group and all business units attended the meeting

with the theme of "Taifu dream and 100 billion dream", the meeting comprehensively summarized the company's operation in 2016, clarified the company's development ideas and deployed the key work in 2017 in detail. At the same time, it gave a comprehensive interpretation of the five-year strategy and supporting organizational structure supporting the group's 100 billion dream

the results are encouraging and the blueprint is inspiring.

Tan Lang, CEO of the group, made an annual work report on behalf of the company's manager team. He said that 2016 was an important year for the company's strategic transformation. This year, the company seized the opportunity of national stability and domestic economic development, closely followed the national strategy of "the the Belt and Road", actively explored marketing breakthroughs, and achieved initial results; In this year, the company made clear the goal of 100 billion yuan, boldly made global layout, rapidly promoted the construction of subsidiary companies, and preliminarily formed the fission pattern; This year, on the one hand, the company paid more attention to culture and brand building, on the other hand, it strengthened technological innovation and vigorously promoted intelligent manufacturing, and the brand effect of "Taifu intelligent manufacturing" became more prominent; In this year, the company actively promoted financial innovation, strengthened financial management, ensured capital supply, straightened out the financial system, and further consolidated the foundation for listing while rapidly expanding business and expanding infrastructure construction; This year, the company deepened internal management, actively introduced external brain, improved management level through the intervention of management consulting companies, and took a gratifying step in refined management

the results are encouraging and the blueprint is inspiring. On the basis of studying and implementing the spirit of the central economic work conference, in combination with the industry and market characteristics faced by the group company, and the implementation of the goal of achieving an output value of 100 billion yuan by 2021, Tan Lang believes that 2017 should be the "benefit year" for Taifu, and from "fully promoting the marketing work, rushing to the market for benefits", "striving to promote refined management, strengthening management to squeeze benefits", "constantly adjusting the working state, and striving for speed and efficiency" "Constantly use your brain, boldly innovate and create benefits" Sifang made deployment for the convenience of the group's work and operation in 2017

strategic guidance, moving forward firmly

the conference released the company's new mission, vision and core price to measure the toughness of high-molecular materials under high-speed impact or the resistance to fracture, that is, the company's mission - let the world share modern industrial civilization; Vision - to become a global leader in engineering services; And the values of "innovation makes the future, speed surpasses, cooperation creates win-win results, and passion infects the world"

at the same time, the meeting explained in detail the "overall strategy" to support the 100 billion dream, that is, one system: industrial ecosystem; Two wheel drive: entity operation + capital operation; Three principles: to be bigger, more practical and stronger; Six platforms: manufacturing service platform, engineering service platform, R & D technology service platform, financial service platform, operation service platform and equipment transaction service platform; Six focuses: intelligent financing, frequent changes in the use of capital, organizational change, technology leadership, project management, and cultural guidance

Zhang Yong, chairman of the board of directors of the group, said that all Taifu people must firmly remember the vision and mission of Taifu, deeply understand and comprehend the company's strategy, adhere to the values as the code of conduct, set goals, strengthen confidence and go all out to realize the dream of Taifu

in addition, during the meeting, special meetings were held on marketing, construction, finance, technology and manufacturing, and the participants had a full exchange on the scene to pool their ideas and work together for future work directions and goals

only if you are ambitious and dare to call the sun and the moon for a new day

you have a dream in your heart and a road under your feet. At the meeting, all participants watched the Alibaba documentary dreamer to feel the power of dreams and the miracle of persistence. Zhang Yong said that Taifu started from scratch, grew from small to large, and worked hard to start a business. It has developed step by step to today, and its growth process is similar to Alibaba. He said that the realization of the 100 billion target must be an important milestone in the development history of Taifu, which will vigorously consolidate the leading position in the industry and make us truly go global

2017 is a year of business transformation and scale fission of Taifu. It is also a year with a variety of favorable factors that enable our company to realize the transformation from being bigger to being more practical when we truly do Datong. At the end of the meeting, Zhang Yong analyzed the domestic and international environment faced by Taifu, put forward requirements for cadre management, and said: "all Taifu colleagues are creators and implementers of Taifu dream. Let's carry forward the spirit of" only striving for more ambitions and daring to call the sun and the moon for a new day "to jointly create history and create miracles!" (this article is from Taifu heavy equipment group)

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