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The introduction of automated communication robot Marvin

artificial intelligence is an emerging industry. Global technology companies are deploying the best policies to continuously develop machine learning systems and create more use cases. At the same time, there have been many start-ups in recent years, which seize different market opportunities to take advantage of this high technology. But don't forget that big companies are also acquiring smaller AI companies

now let's talk about why 2 To adjust the speed gear, open the leftmost cabinet door and the reducer cover door on the console. This field can get so much attention. Automation has always been the pursuit of all kinds of enterprises. With machine learning technology, efficiency will be greatly improved. Enterprises seek automation solutions to reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and build powerful systems. Technology can usually cover the answers to all these needs, and an evolving automation technology can also raise the solution to another level. Because digitalization serves customers, the super personalization of science and technology also comes into being

chat robots are facing different consumer areas. From simple programming to NLP and AI functions, we are witnessing the emergence of various automated assistants. Realize that this technology is not just a chat interface. Bangalore based departments want to make enterprises move towards a compound and high-end direction. All departments use their AI assistant Marvin to make sales and customer service easier

is an artificial intelligence driven platform, which is used to provide sales support for enterprises and deal with real-time problems of customers. The startup was founded in October 2015, with subrat Parida and navneet Gupta as its co founders. The former serves as CEO, while the latter assumes that the best-selling fixture in the fixture industry is the manual fixture as CTO. They expect to improve the customer experience through in-depth learning to increase and retain customers

this 27 person team is currently improving people's ability to use AI to increase customer revenue. They have built different sales support applications, including the launch of Marvin, a communications robot. Marvin can communicate with end users through online chat, email, voice and video

the company is cooperating with 9 customers from different fields, including education, health care, real estate, investment banking and e-commerce. Subrat said that they initially customized and installed it on the client side according to customer needs. In addition, the self-learning function of the robot can also make itself more intelligent

marvin's purpose

marvin can be used in all types of customer interaction, whether app or website. It promotes sales transformation by responding to customer inquiries. For example, as a customer service on the e-commerce station, Marvin will provide suggestions according to customers' preferences. In addition, it will learn from previous chat records to further improve itself

subrat especially introduced Marvin's NLP function, emphasizing that this is not a chat robot, but a communication robot active in four communication channels, including email, SMS, voice and video. Potential users of different companies have their own preferences, so they have also established voice NLP function. For example, according to their data, most real estate clients' consultations are conducted through

faced with our question about how long it will take for customers to communicate with real customer service, subrat replied: in very few cases, if customers request, Marvin will transfer the conversation to real people

since the overall goal of this system is sales support, Marvin will carry a sales dashboard to collect views related to performance data during the dialogue. If there is a voice or video consultation, it will record the conversation and send it to the customer and support team

one of the biggest obstacles to the establishment and development of an AI driven platform for centralized sales is the lack of relevant resources in the field of machine learning. In this regard, the founder hired professionals in these fields (such as professors) to solve the problem at the end of the experiment

after solving these problems, the founders also found that there was a lack of business data to improve system vulnerabilities. According to him, keeping up to date and matching human intelligence is another challenge. Subrat said: We developed strategic business and research to expand the company faster, and signed NDA contracts with customers to get their real-time data

in addition, this challenge is not limited to the construction of products. Because AI is still in its infancy, it is not easy for enterprises to adopt an AI platform. The team is trying to publicize the benefits of this technology to customers and eliminate the concept that AI will replace manual work

the company currently has 9 paying customers. On average, the system has more than 11000 users per month and needs to handle more than 70000 consultations

obtained angel investment in September 2016, and the fund has not been disclosed. Now the company plans to expand globally and cooperate with big brands from Britain and the United States

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