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Every point of the R & D story is difficult, but we won't deal with it.

every point of the R & D story is difficult, but we won't deal with

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"you see, when the test piece touches and breaks, I have been at the top of our project's work group until now." Since Sany sy365 a • I intelligent excavator became popular, its R & D team has also attracted much attention. Shi Xiangxing, the project manager, said that the research and development process was actually very difficult, "every point is very difficult", but everyone devoted himself to it, and finally turned the "concept" into a "product", leading the industry

unmanned remote control excavator laid the foundation

in December 2017, Sany Heavy Machinery began to plan the intelligent excavator project

what touches everyone is not only the exciting future prospect brought by the rapid development of the industry, but also the tragic casualties brought by the dangerous construction environment. Some mine operators complain to the R & D team that it is "difficult to recruit workers". Because of the monotonous and poor working environment, many young people are unwilling to work in mines, and it is difficult to recruit operators. They urgently hope that the less populated and unmanned "smart mine" will be implemented as soon as possible. Therefore, 365 excavator, which has excellent performance in all mines, has become the first choice for intellectualization

before developing the unmanned intelligent excavator, the research and development team has accumulated some experience. As early as 2013, Sany Heavy Machinery Research and development team began to carry out basic research and launched an unmanned remote-controlled excavator. These excavators have been put into use to replace the armed police officers and soldiers to enter the dangerous construction site, and have been highly praised

every point is difficult

although we have some experience, the requirements of unmanned intelligent excavator are higher than that of remote-control excavator. It can not only complete the auxiliary work under the remote operation of people, but also work autonomously after calculation. In the words of Shi Xiangxing, every point is difficult

first of all, time is tight. In November, 2018, the BMW exhibition, an industry grand event, will be held in Shanghai. Sany excavator, as the master of the industry's eight year sales leader, has long received attention. We should not only experience Sany's mature mass production models on site, but also see what "black technology" Sany can bring out, so as to predict the development trend of the industry. Therefore, before the exhibition, we must come up with products that can be used in practice, and we must demonstrate the leadership of products

secondly, there are many technical difficulties. For example, stereoscopic map. The scene within 100 meters can be seen by the human eye, and the United States can only be observed through the camera 300 meters away. How can the camera be installed to form the most perfect image? Let's talk about the "roadblock" sensors that all R & D work will encounter. The reliability requirements of sensors in construction machinery are high. For unmanned intelligent excavators, the requirements are more stringent. How can they be fully satisfied with waterproof, earthquake resistant and dynamic performance

irregular shape of the machine itself, radar detection layout, 360 degree panoramic view, binocular field of vision transmission... Every problem awaits the R & D team to solve. Everyone's discussion frequency is also increasing, and even the geographical differences of the distribution types are more obvious and intensive. When confirming problems and discussing plans, the work information will always jump in one question after another, and it is of course a matter of course

the large-scale promotion of intelligent construction is imminent

no matter how difficult and time is, the word "quality" has long been engraved in Sany people's hearts. They will not compromise on every detail

automatic mining needs to measure the rotation angle, but in the process of research and development, this measurement scheme has been delayed, and the project progress has been seriously affected. Everyone is anxious, and the partners have been urging us to use the contact measurement scheme first. However, the project team felt that the reliability of the contact measurement scheme was not high, "quality cannot be sacrificed for the progress of the project". Therefore, everyone resisted the pressure, ran the market, conducted research, and finally selected a satisfactory non-contact scheme. It is not only highly reliable and accurate, but also convenient to install, saving a lot of time for subsequent work

there are many stories like this. With the joint efforts of everyone, the Sany 365 a • I intelligent excavator finally appeared on the recording site of Shanghai BMW exhibition and smart manufacturing future as promised, and completed all the projects of unidirectional tensile test: 0-0.6fyk-0 (measuring residual deformation) - maximum tensile force (recording tensile strength) - 0 (measuring the total elongation of maximum force) brought the most wonderful performance to everyone, and also triggered the industry topic. At this time, the whole R & D team was slightly relieved. Now, the team has been working again, hoping to make the equipment more perfect

"previously, unmanned intelligent excavators were equipment. We turned the concept into a product in a short time." Shi Xiangxing said that electronic control, intelligence and unmanned are the general trend of the whole industry, and sany is once again in the forefront of the industry. In his view, unmanned intelligent excavators will shine in more fields

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