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Race against time - Ruijie launched the rapid deployment cloud office scheme for fever clinics

in recent days, the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia has affected everyone's heart. All hospitals are shouldering the heavy responsibility of racing against time, and quickly set up outpatient clinics in response to the epidemic. Facing the epidemic situation directly, how to realize the rapid deployment of the medical environment in the fever clinic and reduce the cross infection of staff

ruijieluo immediately went deep into the fever clinic at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, understood the needs and pain points of hospital office, and launched a cloud office scheme for fever clinic to meet the needs of isolation business. The scheme has the characteristics of rapid deployment, remote operation and maintenance, and can comprehensively reduce the risk of contact infection between information personnel and administrative personnel. It is reported that the scheme has been applied to Xiaotangshan Hospital in Huanggang. The two engineers only used 10 Chinese experimental machines with a total market sales of up to 4billion yuan per year to complete the deployment of 300 office terminals in the Dabie Mountain medical center

four requirements of fever clinic: isolation group, rapid deployment, avoiding cross infection, safe and reliable

isolation group: as the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, one of the most stringent technical requirements of fever clinic is isolation, which is not only reflected in the protective equipment of medical staff, but also includes the layout of three areas of isolation observation room, channel setting, and single room setting of each room, Can the temporary strong current quota meet the normal terminal use? Is it allowed to deploy weak wires? This poses a challenge to the group of office terminals

rapid deployment: according to the latest data released by the National Health Commission, there are 15000 fever clinics in 31 provinces across the country. At the same time, the number of isolation and observation wards (rooms) is also adjusted and increased according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control and the amount of outpatient diagnosis and treatment of fever. Time waits for no one, epidemic control waits for no one, if we use the traditional PC terminal deployment mode, install lines in each room, assemble operating systems one by one, and debug application software parameters one by one, these works are difficult to complete in a short time

avoid cross infection: when the desktop workstation has problems, it operation and maintenance personnel will face great work pressure, which will not only be inefficient and take too long, but also cause cross infection due to entering the isolation area

safe and reliable: the hospital office computer needs to ensure that the business is safe, reliable and uninterrupted. In addition, many new PCs do not support XP, win7 and other operating systems, so it is difficult for hospitals to upgrade business software such as his in a short time. The terminals that need to be purchased should meet the requirements of security, compatibility and stability

Ruijie medical cloud desktop has four characteristics: wireless group, rapid deployment, remote maintenance, and security protection.

Ruijie network, which has been deeply rooted in the medical industry for more than ten years, has developed a large number of innovative solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of business scenarios for medical institutions. The latest cloud office solution for fever clinic fully meets the application needs of the desktop system of fever clinic terminal

wireless group: on the premise of supporting wired deployment and comprehensively supporting the old network, the cloud office solution of Ruijie fever clinic can also adopt wireless deployment. Aiming at the problem that the wall structure of the isolation ward has no or indistinguishable line signal attenuation, Ruijie Luo can provide a coverage method that combines the layout of placement AP and Ruijie micro chamber sub scheme. It not only fully meets the wireless signal quality in the fever clinic, but also effectively avoids problems such as high-density concurrency and co frequency interference. It is the first in the industry to achieve a cloud desktop that supports the same wireless environment and local computer experience

rapid deployment: Ruijie medical cloud office based on IDV architecture can create a golden image template of the desktop through the management server, and use this template to quickly create multiple independent desktop businesses, thus realizing rapid deployment and fault recovery. At the same time of unified deployment, the integrated machine design reduces the assembly time of the host and peripherals in the fever clinic

remote maintenance: after the deployment is completed, the operation and maintenance personnel do not need to change into isolation clothes. Outside the fever clinic, they can remotely solve desktop problems through centralized operation and maintenance management functions such as image publishing, remote assistance, and one click restore. There is no need to go to the site to deal with the problems of the operating system or business software, so as to avoid cross infection

protect security: hospitals with cloud desktop architecture can patch all terminals through updating the image in the background to maximize the prevention of terminal infection. At the same time, they can also ensure the security of the system by using dumbbell shaped samples of types I, II and III such as black-and-white list technology and U disk blocking technology. In addition, this scheme can decouple software and hardware, so as to support the operation of XP and win7 systems, and eliminate the vulnerability of terminal use in terms of performance guarantee, stability, industrial design, compatibility, network dependency, software upgrade, etc

Huanggang Xiaotangshan medical staff are duty bound to fight the epidemic by using Ruijie medical cloud desktop

at present, the prevention and control of pneumonia infected by covid-19 is in a critical period. We are duty bound to fight the epidemic. In order to cooperate with governments at all levels and health institutions to comprehensively prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, ruijieluo has provided equipment and services to more than 60 hospitals across the country. In the fight against the epidemic, we must act quickly

because in the medical environment

Ruijie service engineers are fighting in the front line of the epidemic

to fight the epidemic, Ruijie is in action

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