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Rackspace upgraded hosting openstack and launched load balancing as a service

this year, Rackspace, a public cloud service provider that hosted private clouds and whose kuber, especially the microstructure, has been greatly improved. Recently, the company announced that it would launch load balancing as a service to provide 207nm thick film orange users of enterprises that imported Rackspace hosting openstack cloud without affecting processing performance. The service launched by Rackspace this time is based on openstack's load balancing project Octavia. Using load balancing services, workloads can be dispatched to the infrastructure to improve resource utilization efficiency

rackspace said that Octavia, a software defined load balancing tool, has built-in high availability functions, and the relevant parameters of Jinan assaying material testing machine ensure that there are load balancing instances at any time, which can meet the requests of back-end servers. At the same time, it supports HTTP, HTTPS, TCP and other protocols. In addition, system managers can also control the load balancing resources built in the overall infrastructure through the quota management function built in the tool

when maintaining the basic cloud infrastructure, Rackspace believes that even if users currently only deploy a single instance, it is necessary to build load balancing resources. Rackspace explained that first, deploy the load balancer on the front end of the application. In the future, when there is a need for system updates, you only need to deploy new nodes to lead the traffic to the heart node. Moreover, the early deployment of load balancers is also a preparation for future scale expansion

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