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From radiator type static heating to hot-air fan type mobile heating has become a trend in the heating industry.

garden news on October 15: "our heating equipment is in short supply, and the sales volume has increased by 30% over the same period last year!" Wang Xijie, general manager of Qingzhou Jienuo temperature control equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., was excited in his words. In October, the flower production in many northern regions began to heat up, and the sales of heating equipment entered the peak season. As an important production area of heating equipment, especially hot air fans, the sales of heating equipment in Qingzhou City can often be used as a barometer of the national market

although the heating equipment produced in Qingzhou is mainly used in the animal husbandry industry, thanks to the favorable policies of various regions for the planting industry this year, the market of heating equipment for flowers is still very considerable. Wuzhongxiang, regional manager of Qingzhou Huinong Machinery Co., Ltd., told that the proportion of flowers in the heating equipment sold by the company is only 20% - 30%, but the volume has been growing. Moreover, some flowers have less strict requirements on the temperature fluctuation range than livestock, so it is only necessary to slightly change the existing equipment. In contrast, enterprises specializing in the production of gardening heating equipment have increased their sales by 7. 5% this year The correct installation on a solid foundation can be described as strong. Lipanlu, general manager of Qingzhou panlu gardening equipment Co., Ltd., told that because he was born in flower industry, the company's products are more targeted and more suitable for flower production. Rock mass refers to one geological body including geological layout. This year, panlu has sold more than 1000 hot air fans, and more than 500 orders are in production. He predicted that the whole sales season should be able to ensure the positive sales of about 5000 electromechanical units, while the previous sales season was only more than 3000 units, and the market this year is very optimistic

small producers of heating equipment in Qingzhou are having a hard time. First of all, raw materials have risen too fast, almost one price per day. For example, aluminum has increased by 7000 yuan per ton compared with that in spring, while copper has increased from 42000 yuan per ton to about 60000 yuan; Secondly, due to the lack of scientific research strength, many small households rely on purchasing other people's products to assemble or use abandoned oil field pipes to produce boilers and supporting products, with no guarantee of quality and low thermal efficiency. Wang Xijie told that due to the high cost of products such as hot air fans, when customers have a large number of orders, they usually make field visits. If there is no strong scientific research and production capacity, the products will naturally have a poor market. However, because the product price of small households is very advantageous, there is still a certain market in some farmers who produce flowers in a small area

now, from radiator type static heating to hot air fan type flow heating has become a trend in the heating industry. Manufacturers have said that at present, the product quality is not improved, and without the support of new technology, the market will become narrower and narrower. Wang Xijie said that conventional oil fired hot air fans have a small market share in China and are basically exported to the Middle East and other regions. Coal fired fans are mainly used in China, and manufacturers have made great improvements to boilers and hot air fans. In terms of boilers, the flue becomes more tortuous, enabling the hot air flow to circulate twoorthree times. Although the price is twice as expensive as the conventional one, it saves more than 40% energy. Wu Zhongxiang suggested that flower producers try to use coal with high combustion value, which can also save a lot of money after a warming season. Qingzhou corona heating equipment factory has even developed a double air energy-saving hot blast stove, that is, there are two motors on the boiler, which not only saves energy, but also avoids the different tension range of heating due to the failure of one motor. Panlu will improve the hot air blower every year. Even if the raw material cost increases significantly this year, each of their products still has 120 more fins than last year, and the heating area increases by 1/3. Stiffeners are also used at the water outlet, water inlet and other places to make it more solid. The price is only slightly adjusted, with an increase of about 6%

in addition to improving the internal structure of the product, the appearance of both boiler and hot air blower has become more fashionable and exquisite. Wu Zhongxiang told that this year, they have made great efforts in the shape transformation of the boiler to make the collocation between various parts more reasonable. Panlu has added more appropriate foam protection in the packaging box, so that it will hardly have problems in the transportation process

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