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R & D innovation is the first driving force for the development of Sany

"R & D innovation is the first driving force for the development of private enterprises in China. Sany group has invested a lot in this regard. Over the years, the continuous investment in R & D costs accounts for about 5% of sales revenue." Xiang Wenbo, director of Sany group and President of Sany Heavy Industry, said in an interview with China News Service recently

driven by R & D and innovation, Sany group has developed from a small factory in the 1990s to a large multinational enterprise today. Xiang Wenbo believes that the success of the group is inseparable from the reform and opening up of the country and the good business environment created by the government

the outbreak of COVID-19 this year has impacted many enterprises. Sany group quickly overcame the impact of the epidemic. From January to October, the group's sales exceeded 100billion yuan (RMB, the same below), surpassing that of last year, and its main business indicators such as net profit and cash flow reached new highs

"a series of decisive and effective epidemic prevention measures taken by the government and strong support for the resumption of work and production of enterprises are important reasons for the rapid recovery and development of the group." Xiang Wenbo said that during the epidemic period, Sany group established an online office system so that R & D personnel can work effectively at home, which not only ensures the production and operation during the epidemic period, but also lays a good foundation for future business development

in recent years, Sany group has actively deployed the "the Belt and Road", with overseas sales of more than 73 Due to the full digital measurement controller and low-noise sensor, it comes from countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road". Since the second half of this year, overcoming the impact of the epidemic, overseas sales have achieved positive growth compared with the same period last year. Among them, the export of excavators increased by more than 30% year-on-year

Sany excavator construction on Yawan high speed railway

the epidemic has posed great challenges to highway logistics. Sany group has formulated the railway transportation plan, optimized the packing method, improved the transportation efficiency, reduced the cost, and realized the timely shipment of goods

during the epidemic period, the "31" China Europe train

Sany group also actively applied digital technology, promoted digital marketing in overseas markets, and carried out many online live broadcast sales activities. Among them, the "2020 online BMW Exhibition" held in November has 2-hour sales of 23.5 billion yuan

Xiang Wenbo said that the group continued to increase R & D investment this year, including R & D personnel doubling plan, R & D infrastructure construction investment, etc. Among them, more than 2billion yuan is planned to be invested in testing this year

"we have strengthened R & D and innovation with unprecedented efforts. This is the main factor for the growth of Sany group in the past under the changes of paste assembly and time flow, and it is also the main strategy to achieve higher speed and higher quality development in the future." Xiang Wenbo said

Sany unmanned roller at the 2020 BMW Shanghai Exhibition

he believes that in the process of infrastructure construction in China, the difficulties encountered have been solved through independent technological innovation. Driven by customer demand, China's construction machinery industry has become globally competitive

looking forward to the future, Xiang Wenbo said that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the fourth industrial revolution have brought significant development opportunities to the group. He believes that in the fourth industrial revolution, digital technology will be a disruptive technology, so the group is vigorously promoting the transformation to digital and intelligent manufacturing

"lighthouse factory" robots are working

it is reported that Sany group has invested more than 10billion yuan in intelligent manufacturing this year, while building more than 20 "lighthouse factories", leading the future development direction of the group and basically opening up unmanned and intelligent channels in major processing links

Xiang Wenbo said that the digital transformation of intelligent manufacturing is not only summarized by Cui Lixin as the inflection point and inflection point of the change of growth rate: industry opportunities and the help of noble people can significantly reduce manufacturing costs, but more importantly, it can significantly improve product performance and quality and improve competitiveness, which is one of the core development strategies of Sany group in the future

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