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Some opinions on the development of vacuum packaging machinery

with the rise of modern high and new technology, vacuum science and technology have also developed rapidly, and its application scope has spread all over various economic fields. Especially in the past oneortwo years, the global vacuum industry has developed steadily, and new products and technologies have emerged one after another. In order to comprehensively display the latest achievements of vacuum technology at home and abroad, strengthen exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and promote the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of China's vacuum industry, the "7th International Vacuum Exhibition 2004" co sponsored by China Vacuum Society and the vacuum industry branch of China general machinery industry association was held at the Beijing International Convention Center from February 25 to 28. "Creating a miracle of rapid economic development -- starting with vacuum technology" is the theme of this exhibition

at this exhibition, it was found that most of the vacuum acquisition equipment exhibitors were from Shenyang, Shandong and Zhejiang, except for a dozen manufacturers from the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries. What is the reason why the regional distribution of vacuum acquisition equipment is so obvious

experienced two development periods

according to Li Chunying, Secretary General of the vacuum industry branch of China General Machinery Industry Association, China's vacuum industry has generally experienced two development periods from its birth to the present: the first development period was from the 1950s to the mid-1980s, which began with the manufacture of simple extractors. At that time, there were less than 20 enterprises producing vacuum equipment in China, and the products were mainly medium and low-grade vacuum equipment, such as mirror coating machine, cigarette packaging machine, etc. From the late 1980s to the entire 1990s is the second period of the development of China's vacuum industry. During this period, the number of production enterprises increased to nearly 3000, with 35000 employees. The overall level of the vacuum industry has been greatly improved after the technological transformation of the seventh and eighth five year plan. In terms of processing conditions, advanced production equipment such as machining centers, CNC machine tools, resin sand castings and so on began to equip enterprises. By 1996, the vacuum industry had developed rapidly due to the pull of magnesium smelting industry

Shenyang Industrial Cluster: peace and quiet

that is, at this time, those business backbones in the enterprise have left their original units to form new companies, and then continue to differentiate, and finally form an industrial cluster in the local area. Vacuum acquisition equipment industry clusters are mainly concentrated in Shenyang, Shandong and Zhejiang, but each industry cluster has its own characteristics

for example, the industrial clusters in Liaoning Province are mainly concentrated in Shenyang, and Shenyang Vacuum Equipment Factory is the originator of the industrial clusters in this region. In Shenyang area, oil diffusion pump is mainly used. This kind of pump has a low technical threshold and a wide range of market applications. Although the oil diffusion pump has formed a production base in this region, the factories are in peace

compared with Shenyang, Shandong and Zhejiang are not so quiet, and the competition between old enterprises and new enterprises, domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce

Shandong Industrial Cluster: domestic troubles and foreign invasion

Shandong Zibo Vacuum Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. is an old factory with a history of 40 to 50 years, mainly producing water ring pumps. In order to comply with the development of market economy, the enterprise carried out a system reform in 2000. The vacuum in Zibo after the reform has made great progress compared with that before the reform. It is noteworthy that Shandong Zibo water ring vacuum pump factory Co., Ltd., a rising star founded in 1997, has achieved a sales revenue of more than 100million yuan in just six years since this private enterprise adopted Lenovo microcomputer as its experimental machine due to its flexible mechanism

for small water ring pumps, the technical content is low, and anyone can do it, which is also the main reason for the formation of local industrial clusters; The large-scale water ring pump has high requirements for manufacturing technology and equipment level, which undoubtedly has the conditions for the production of large-scale pumps for Zibo water pump factory, which has cooperated with Nassim, Germany for a period of time

fortunately, on the vacuum booth in Zibo, we saw the large dry pump unit developed by them through the introduction of Korean technology, which also marks a new level in the technical content of our vacuum acquisition equipment. Due to the high requirements of this kind of pump on processing technology and materials, although some large domestic manufacturers have been calling for the development of dry-type pump units, they have not developed them for several years. Therefore, this market has been occupied by some foreign manufacturers such as Switzerland and South Korea. Although some small and medium-sized enterprises such as Shenyang Huayi also have some dry-type pumps on display, these products are used in the field of food and chemical industry. It is difficult to really make these products enter the electronic industry, break the vacuum in the electronic industry, and obtain equipment that has been dominated by foreign manufacturers such as Switzerland, Germany, Japan and so on

Nassim, which first entered the Chinese market in the form of joint venture, has now become a wholly-owned enterprise, which is under great pressure for enterprises in Shandong. If they do not improve the technical content and quality of products as soon as possible, they will be eliminated by the market. Therefore, some enterprises simply regard Nassim as their competitor and constantly urge themselves

Zhejiang Industrial Cluster: lack of talents

the situation in Zhejiang is different from that in Shandong and Shenyang. There are more than 20 slide valve pumps, most of which are separated from Zhejiang Vacuum Equipment Group Co., Ltd. In this region, although the slide valve vacuum pump has become the leading product of the industrial cluster in Zhejiang, the disordered competition between small enterprises and large enterprises is particularly obvious. This has hindered the pace of technological upgrading and technological transformation of large enterprises. For example, Taizhou Xinhua, after ten years of development with the arrival of the traditional peak season of steel demand, began to take shape. Although Zhejiang pump has experienced a restructuring, the strength of the restructuring is not great, so the disadvantages of state-owned enterprises still exist, which also restricts the pace of development of the enterprise itself

from the products displayed in Zhejiang, although there is some improvement in the appearance of the products, there is basically no significant improvement in the technical content, which may be related to the lack of technicians in the region. How to improve the technical content and management level of the products has become an urgent problem for the vacuum acquisition equipment manufacturing enterprises in Zhejiang

introduction is a shortcut

nevertheless, industry expert Li Chunying believes that for domestic enterprises, introducing technology and joint venture cooperation is a shortcut to improve the technical content and grade of products. For example, Shandong Zibo Zhen

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