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Some excellent advantages of fluoroplastic centrifugal pump

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our fluoroplastic centrifugal pump can be divided into many kinds of pumps, and the so-called fzb fluoroplastic self-priming pump mainly adopts the non-metallic manufacturing process, which has passed the international standards.

we all know that the pump is composed of the pump body, pump cover, impeller and shaft. The pump body is formed with Fluoroplastic as the inner shell and metal as the shell. The impeller and pump cover are made with metal as the outer shell and fluoroplastic as the inner pressing. It is all made of fluoroplastic alloy The manufactured part is mainly used to carry liquid

the shaft is sealed with bellows as the outer package, while the moving ring and the static ring are filled with tetrafluoro and 99.9% aluminum ceramics respectively. The materials used are relatively important, because these components need to have good sealing and wear resistance. In order to improve the pressure resistance of the pump, the cast steel body is used as the inlet and outlet

structural principle of friction testing machine

through the specific operation instructions, the fluoroplastic magnetic pump is as fast and slow as the fluoroplastic centrifugal pump. It also has the advantages of non aging, stable operation, advanced structure, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life and strong sealing

fluoroplastic self-priming pump has a unique function of self-priming. When it is used for the first time, it should be noted that it should be filled with liquid first, and it is not necessary to do this operation for the next and subsequent reuse. It can be used directly. Fluoroplastic self-priming pump can also extract the liquid installed below the pump. Its operation is very simple and its performance is relatively stable. The height of fluoroplastic self-priming pump can be determined according to the density of two to four, which makes up for the cumbersome disadvantage of underwater pump

the self-priming pump made of fluoroplastics has the advantage of self-priming, so it is widely used. The ability to deal with trade protectionism should be strengthened. Fzb fluoroplastic self-priming pump has the advantages in the protection and maintenance design and working performance of 2. Falling ball impact testing machine, making it one of the indispensable equipment for many units

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