Some paper mills in Dachuan face the risk of shutd

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Environmental protection pressure increases the risk of shutdown of some paper mills in Sichuan.

the state (5), the establishment of vanadium price early warning mechanism, and the strict regulation and control of the national development and Reform Commission and the State Environmental Protection Administration have made more than 200 paper mills in Sichuan feel unprecedented pressure. It was learned from the meeting of small and medium-sized paper enterprises in Sichuan Province held in Chengdu yesterday that under the explicit order of rectification within a time limit, a large number of Sichuan paper enterprises with little fluctuation in the price of lithium hydroxide face the risk of shutdown and are in urgent need of funds for Capacity Upgrading and environmental protection equipment upgrading

In June this year, the national development and Reform Commission, together with relevant departments, formulated the comprehensive workpiece plan for energy conservation and emission reduction, and decided to close straw pulp production plants with less than 34000 tons, chemical pulp enterprises with less than 17000 tons, and manufacturers with less than 10000 tons of waste paper as raw materials this year, accounting for 10% of the total paper production capacity, most of which are small cultural paper enterprises. The state also puts forward higher requirements for paper mills to meet the environmental protection standards

from the situation in Henan, Shandong and Hunan, the closure of small and medium-sized paper mills is relatively common. Luo Fugang, Secretary General of the Provincial Association of small and medium-sized paper enterprises, said that at present, the paper industry in Sichuan is facing a severe situation. According to the national industrial policy, dozens of chemical pulp and paper enterprises and waste paper raw material paper enterprises in Sichuan need to upgrade their production capacity and environmental protection equipment

there are more than 200 paper-making enterprises in Sichuan, including 150 enterprises above designated size. The annual paper output of Sichuan is more than 1.5 million tons, and the demand is more than 4 million tons/year, and 2/3 of the demand depends on the introduction. Luo Fugang said that they are working to ask the enterprises involved to raise funds to increase production capacity as soon as possible, and actively manage to make the emissions meet the standards

paper prices will continue to rise next year

the revenue of Sichuan paper industry reached 5.9 billion last year and is expected to exceed 6billion this year, but most enterprises are losing money. Luo Fugang revealed that at present, the price rise of paper products can not catch up with the price rise of raw materials. If pulp wants to stabilize its market share in half a year, it has increased by more than 1000 yuan/ton, while the price of paper has increased by 400 yuan to 500 yuan/ton. Only about 10 enterprises in Sichuan can produce their own pulp, and some of them have saved the pulp for sale in order to pursue high prices, which has exacerbated the tension of raw materials in the province

Luo Fugang said that the industry forecast shows that the growth rate of medium and high-end cultural paper will be 20% to 30% next year. Luo shuchi


Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. established a factory in Chongqing with an annual output of 2.3 billion

in the materials distributed by the Sichuan Association of small and medium-sized paper enterprises, it was also found that Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd., under Zhang Yin, the richest woman on the Hurun 100 rich list last year, has begun its layout in Chongqing, with a total investment of about 2.3 billion, including 500000 tons of corrugated paper and 450000 tons of kraft cardboard projects, with an investment of 810million and 1.5 billion yuan respectively, and will be put into operation in 2008 and 2009

Luo Fugang, Secretary General of Sichuan small and medium-sized paper enterprises association, said that at present, there is no large-scale paper project similar to Nine Dragons Paper in Chongqing in Sichuan. Local production can save a lot. 2. The transportation cost of the specified friction coefficient should be transported from Shandong, a major paper producing province, and the cost should be increased by at least 300 yuan/ton. After being put into production, Nine Dragons Paper will more radiate the Sichuan packaging paper market in the future. However, he believes that based on the rising pressure of raw materials, even after large paper-making enterprises such as Nine Dragons Paper are put into operation, it will not play a significant role in stabilizing the market paper price rise in the short term

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